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  • On this website some experienced Chiang Mai hikers post open invitations to join their hikes in the area.
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  • Hike descriptions may be posted at short notice. So it may be worth checking the website frequently.
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2021/08/22_Pictures from Sunday’s hikes

During this period of Covid precaution we are not publicly advertising hikes, but for yesterday we have pictures of two Sunday hikes organised privately by some of our regulars. The larger group hiked between Doi Kham and the White Pagoda.

Another pair of hikers explored the area between the Thung Roeng Royal Project and the Mae Khanin stream.

2021/08/15_Pictures_Baanpong Lodge Loop

2021/08/15_Pictures_Doi Inthanon sub-peak hike

Private hiking again

Due to covid conditions we have decided again to stop posting public hikes for the time being. Many of us will continue to hike in smaller groups by private arrangement. If you would like to get in touch with a local Sunday hike, or share one, contact Michael directly or use the comments below.

2021/07/11_Mae Wan Valley


Forecasts are for heavy rain towards the weekend. The upswing in Covid cases means new public restrictions may be imposed which might also cause the hike to be cancelled. Please check this site before leaving home on Sunday morning to confirm the hike is on.

This is a shortish hike at 10km, but what it lacks in length it makes up for in height, with a total elevation gain of 800m. Our starting point is by the side of Highway 118 about 20km north-east of Doi Saket. Initially the trail climbs steadily up-hill to the crest of the ridge-line south of the highway. From here we descend southwards into the valley of the Mae Wan stream and follow for 2km downstream, with multiple stream crossings. Eventually we leave the stream on an abandoned motorcycle trail and climb back up to the ridge-line. After 1km or so of ridge walking we complete the loop and return downhill to the vehicles.

The ascents and descents are steep in places, but on graded motorcycle trails and firm footing. They should be of no concern for strained ankles, knees or any other part of the anatomy.

The first two stream crossings will be on bridges, the second of which is a somewhat rickety bamboo construction. For anyone preferring to wade in the stream, you will get wet about half-way to the knee. Below the second bridge we will be boulder-hopping to-and-fro across the stream. The agile may stay dry, most are likely to get wet feet.

We will stay together until the last stream crossing and the start of the climb back up to the ridge. The pace up this last climb will be comfortable for all hikers. Anyone finding the pace too sedate can burn off at this point for an early bath.

Estimated hiking time 4 1/2 hours including snack break. There are excellent options for a late lunch on the drive home.

N.B: On the way home you will pass through a Covid check-point just before Doi Saket. Normal practice is for vehicles with Chiang Mai plates to be waved through after the occupants have been temperature-tested. Vehicles with out-of-province plates may be pulled over for more detailed examination. As a matter of courtesy, wear a mask as you approach the check-point.

Hike Organiser: Richard.

If you would like to attend: Please read the general information on this site, as well as this particular post. If you still think this hike is for you, then just turn up at the meeting place on the day and time. We will drive in convoy from the meeting place to the hike start point. Be aware that during this active phase of the Covid-19 epidemic drivers may be unwilling to share vehicles with strangers.

Meeting Point: in front of the SUSCO filling station on Highway 118 at 07.20 for a 07.30 departure.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is susco-21.png

Please bring:

  • Face mask.
  • At least 2 liters of drinking water/ rehydration drink.
  • Protection from rain and sun.
  • An energy snack.
  • Strong footwear with a good tread.
  • Good humour and team spirit,
  • Passengers please bring TB100 as a contribution to driver’s expenses and a change of shirt/ clothes.

2021/07/04_Report_Huay Lan loop

A new barrier to the Huai Lan lake road, and the payment  of 20 baht per head, caused a little delay at the start, but soon we were cheerfully crossing the dam. All 14 of us made the ridge line with no real difficulty although some did not appreciate the stony ground. Some good view points were visited with good visibility into the distance.  Descending a stony slope to pick up lower tracks also proved difficult for some and one hiker decided not to attempt it; a capable navigator, he found his own way back to the cars. 

The fish farm was passed, Huai Ton dam visited with a great view of Doi Ton. 


At the start of the second ascent four hikers decided to go directly back to the cars while the rest climbed onto the ridge.  The zig zag trail becomes evident after some climbing but all these trails are gradually being reclaimed by nature due to lack of use.  Some hikers also found this second ascent very taxing, this is probably largely due to the heat and lack of water from most hikers. Thank you to those who carried more than they needed and were happy to share.  The descent and return to the cars was managed well by all. Returning to our usual roadside restaurant unfortunately too late to buy beer, but the chef did open up and provided much needed food. Plenty of cold non alcoholic beverages available to the thirsty hikers.

So, the hike proved much tougher than expected due to a very hot day and some difficult terrain. Also tackling two separate ridges with low level hiking in between appeared to be especially tiring.

Facts.  11.8km  555m ascent. 6hr 21m on the mountain. 14 hikers, 9 of whom completed both parts of the hike.

Leadership and reporting by John. Photos by Michael and Othmar

2021/07/04_Huai Lan loop

We will orbit the Huay Lan reservoir. It’s similar to a hike we did about four months ago, but the change from dry/smoky to wet/fresh season makes it feel rather different. The main group will go up onto a ridge on the west side and reach a high point with good views of Chiang Mai City and Doi Suthep on north West side and Huai Lan, Doi Ton etc on East side. Then return to base-level on the south side, and do another slightly lower climb on the east side. There is an option for gentler hikers to skip the ridge climb and instead visit the smaller Huay Pa Rai reservoir before rejoining the main route.

Total distance for the main option is 12km, with 500m elevation gain, expected to take 4-5 hours. Some sections are stony: good footwear and care are advised in order to avoid twisting an ankle.

Hike leader: John (with Michael as deputy)

If you want to come: Please make sure you have read the general advice on this website (see tabs above) as well as this specific post. If you still think this hike is for you, just turn up at the stated time and place (see below). Lifts in cars are usually available. (Please offer your driver THB 100 toward fuel costs for the return trip.)

Meeting time and place: 7:30am for a 7:40 departure from the side of the 1317 slip road in front of Promenada shopping mall.

Bring: as per usual advice (see tabs above). Especially note:

  • Good footwear in view of stony slopes
  • Care about social distancing. Thankfully we can enjoy hiking together again, but life is not completely back to the old normal.

2021/06/27_Report_Huay Tung Tao/Mae Nai loop

A total of twenty hikers, including some newbees, turned up from this regular hike. However, on the first hill some three hikers turned back, leaving us with a grand total of seventeen individuals. With the temperate weather the going was fairly easy and we made the snack stop point beside the river in just under two hours. Unfortunately the “shed” beside the river has more or less disappeared, leaving little to sit on. As we were making good time we did not stop for lunch at the viewpoint at the top of the hill but continued on to the buffalo corral, with various motor bikes passing us on the way. After the corral our pace slowed somewhat with one of two hikers starting to tire and one suffering the pains of wearing new boots. Nevertheless, 17 finished the hike in a good time of four hours and twenty minutes. Afterwards most of the hikers retired to a nearby lakeside restaurant for food and refreshments.

Hike leadership and reporting by SRR. Photos courtesy of Bussakorn and Pia