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17/01/22_Doi Pui Sakura hike

Update: due to illness of one of the intended hike leaders, the third option within this hike (see below) may not be available.

This Sunday (22nd January) we have our annual trip to see the sakura or wild Himalayan cherry (Prunus cerasoides) blossom at Ban Hmong Khun Chang Khian and the University’s agricultural research gardens nearby. Reconnoiterers in the first week of January discovered a few blooms already out on a few trees, but many branches were bare and budding, so we hope our timing will prove accurate for a good display. There appears to be no magic formula for predicting the blossoming period each season.


The proposed route will commence at the foot of the steps leading up to Wat Prathat Doi Suthep, after driving and or riding a songthaew (red truck, cost about 40 baht) from the meeting point near the Arboretum at the bottom of the mountain. Then we hike mainly north, later north-west towards the destination. It will take 2-3 hours to get to the sakura at the top, mainly through forest, but on fairly decent tracks. The vertical ascent will be approximately 300metres.

Hikers will be asked to choose between three options. The first is to hike only from Wat Doi Suthep to the sakura site near the top of Doi Pui. We will hire one or two songthaews (red trucks) to pick us up there at 1pm. The cost will be about 200 baht, depending on the ratio of passengers to songthaews. The songthaews will take about one hour to drive back to the Arboretum. The second option is simply to retrace the path down to Wat Doi Suthep. From there, if you did not drive up in a private car, you can easily find a place in one of the many songthaews which take people to and from the Wat. The third option, for anyone who wishes to return to the Arboretum by foot, will be an additional 10km hike option, resulting in a total distance of 20 kilometers, plus 1 kilometer of vertical descent. This is evidently a relatively strenuous option! This may mean a return to the Arboretum after 4pm.  We need folk to have made up their minds when we assemble first thing to assess songthaew return journey numbers.

At the top, the (temporary) restaurant and some of the best blossoms are to be found at the Agriculture Research Station about half a kilometre to the west of Ban Hmong Khun Chang Khian village – not just Sakura but apple blossom too – and it is this location that provides good views of the cherry blossom away among woodland to the west. If the blossom is out, this restaurant may well be very popular! We therefore advise everyone to bring sandwiches, snacks and drink as a contingency.

Quiz Time: During the non-flowering period, there is a very easy way to identify a sakura tree. The leaders will see if anyone knows the answer at the meeting point!

Hike leaders:  Michael M and Peter D

If you want to join make sure you have read all the general and specific advice on this website. If you are still sure the hike is for you, just turn up at the meeting place on the day and on time. We cannot accommodate commercial groups, or people who really want to do their own thing.

Meeting point: As mentioned above, we will meet at 07:45 in the car park of the Huay Kaeow Arboretum (also known as the exercise park). Head straight out from the moat 3.5 km towards Doi Suthep on Huay Kaeow Road. The arboretum is on the left after the front entrance to Chiang Mai University and just before the entrance to the Zoo. The car park of the arboretum is at the end of the park near the zoo.



You are advised to bring:

  • 1-2 litres of water
  • Strong hiking footwear
  • Hat
  • Jacket or pullover, especially if the weather seems cool. (Two years ago many people got very cold at the top)
  • Insect repellant, sunblock etc if you are sensitive
  • Money for transport, meals, drinks

17/01/15_Trip Report Of Thepsadet Waterfall & Ridge Hike

33 hikers made it to the start point close to Thepsadet Waterfall, on a beautiful, cool, clear day.  13 Celsius when we began the hike to the waterfall.






After visiting the waterfall, we returned to the starting point to commence the hike to the ridge line on Chiang Mai / Lampang border.  Unfortunately, we had to advise one hiker to stay at the start point as we felt the hike would be too tough.  The hike was described as “relatively easy”, but that was relative to the other hikes we do.  An initial ascent took us to a lower ridge with a view down to Thepsadet waterfall.  Then we hiked through the village of Ban Tat Moei, passing a forest bee hive “factory”. before climbing through coffee plantations to the ridge at about 1550m in elevation.  Sakura trees in bloom were observed along the climb.



Blooming Sakura



Up on the ridge, the group rested before splitting into 3 groups.  One group ascended to a nearby peak with an elevation of 1719m  This involved a steep climb on an overgrown “trail”.  The views from the top were superb! Even Doi Inthanon summit could be seen peeking out from above the clouds.

Click on photos to open in full screen.




Doi Chiang Dao visible in the distance



Our ascent was nearly as steep as this!





Steep descent inevitable, after steep ascent!



A second , smaller group of hikers in need of a longer, more adventurous hike (ie unsure of state of trail) set off southwest along the ridge to hike all the way back to the village of Ban Pang Hai, where everybody would meet up for post-hike refreshments.


The remaining hikers (the majority) had an extended lunch break on the ridge, awaiting the return of the summiteers.  After an hour, the summiteers descended back to the main group to find a small number had continued on with the hike with 2 experienced hikers who knew the trails well.





After about 4 hours of hiking from the start point (excluding visiting the waterfall), most of the group were relaxing at Pang Hai Coffee Shop on Route 4076.  About one large bottle of Chang later, the 6 hikers in the breakaway group trooped in, looking like they’d had an adventure….



Hike stats for the summiteers :  12.8km, 850m elevation gain.

Photos by Andrew, Chan & Oliver.


A great day, thanks for joining.








17/01/15_Thepsadet Waterfall & Ridge Hike

Important notice about meeting point.  We will meet at the Susco petrol station out past Sansai Noi market.  See below for more details!!

A repeat of a hike we did a couple of years ago .

The forecast is for sunshine & views from the ridge should be great after the rain, but please check on this website Sunday morning in case the forecast is wrong & the hike cancelled!

A relatively easy hike with nothing too steep or dangerous, but an unavoidable, short section along a surfaced (but quiet) road.  Probably around 5 hours, 10 km with 600m climb.  Afterwards, we’ll stop off at the coffee shop / restaurant in Pang Hai for refreshments.



We’ll first visit Thepsadet Waterfall, then ascend through coffee plantations to the ridge where we will take a lunch break.



After lunch we will continue along the ridge to the dirt road between Thepsadet & Mae Kamphong road.  We’ll then descend this to the concrete road that leads back to the start point.

Hike leader: Andrew

Meeting point: <18°48’48.69″ N  99°01’52.92″ E>

The Susco petrol/gas station just past Sansai Noi (Sam Yaek) market, opposite Mrs Suzuki’s car showroom.  Fuel, toilets and convenience store available.  From the city centre, head NE along Kaew Nawarat Rd towards CenFes (Central Festival shopping mall) and continue straight on the CM-Doi Saket Rd H.118. Continue through 2 sets of traffic lights at Middle Ring Road, and Sansai turnoff.

If leaving a vehicle, please park considerately, away from the store front.  Click on map/streetview image to enlarge.

 07.30 for 7.45 start.  We will car share for about 50 mins out past Doi Saket, turn right onto H.3005 and then left onto H.4076 and right after Pang Hai village onto the road leading to Thepsadet Waterfall,




Please bring:

  • at least 2 litres of water or rehydration drink
  • energy snacks and lunch
  • hat, sun/rain/insect protection
  • plenty of energy, enthusiasm and good humour
  • a change of clothes and Bt.100 for your driver if you’d like to get a lift with someone.

Upcoming hikes: General notice

Hikes are posted on this site for almost every Sunday. The hike plan is usually posted by the preceding Friday. The meeting for a hike is usually at a stated time between 07:00 and 08:30 on the Sunday morning. Sometimes hikes may be done by lunchtime, but often they continue well into the afternoon. For out-of-town hikes, people returning to Chiang Mai may not get home before evening.

Very occasionally hikes may be posted on this site which take place on days other than Sundays, but this is rare in recent years.



17/01/08_Trip report_Mae Takhrai ‘Goldilocks’ ridge

21 hikers, including 5 newbie visitors, met at CenFes and 4 regulars joined us at the trailhead, for a starting total of 25.


We quickly split into 3 smaller groups, each with their own leader(s) and making progress at a wide variety of speeds, but with mostly the same route. The main (rear) group of 15 completed the hike in about 5 hrs 30 mins but some of the more enthusiastic hikers didn’t stop for lunch and took nearly 2 hours less. Sorry to keep you waiting, guys and gals; hope the NP HQ was comfortable for you.


Twin peaks: Doi Mot and Doi Phi Pannam across H.118


Along the ridge top.


Coming down again


I think the distance and elevation figures given in the hike description were about right. Anyone have significantly different stats?


Thanks to multiple hike leaders, drivers, photographers, patient waiters. Aftermath at Doi Saket hot springs.

17/01/08_Mae Takhrai ‘Goldilocks’ ridge

The weather forecasts seem fine. Let’s go ahead. Thanks for checking! Be careful of speed cameras on H.118 today.

By popular request (well, 2 of you), we will repeat this ridge walk (but in the opposite direction) on the E side of the CM valley: not too high or too long or too far out of town*, but with good views of the surrounding peaks, valleys and ridges. (Sorry, no guarantee it won’t be too hot/cold/misty, wet/dry or soft/hard for our wide range of Goldilocks hikers 😉  The first kilometre or so of the hike is all uphill, climbing up 350m in elevation from the trailhead to the top of the ridge (see start of blue line on the left hand side of the image below), but we will take this section slowly, and then we hike along ridge-top trails (some narrow stony trails above steep drops), which undulate gently up and down until we reach our final peak and then drop back down to the road.


Almost 10 kms, up 650m (down a little more) in probably about 5 hours, depending on group speed and weather conditions. (Hopefully no lost goldilocks this time!)

DSC06390 rocks

*about 40 kms (30 mins drive), much nearer town (and much lower elevation) than many of our hikes out this way (eg. Roller Coaster and Doi Mot/Phi Pannam).

DSC06382 leaves

Hike Leaders: Mike & assistants

If you want to join:

If you are sure you are well-prepared for this kind of hike (see the dangers, what to do and things to bring tabs at the top of the page) and accept responsibility for your own safety, just turn up at the meeting place on the day, on time.  There is no need to let us know you are coming. We cannot accommodate groups. Don’t be late as we leave the meeting point on time.

Meeting Place:

We will meet at 07.20 am in front of CenFes on H.118 (the road out to Doi Saket and Chiangrai, see map below) opposite the Isuzu showroom (not on the Superhighway H.11 side) for an 07.30 am start. We will then share vehicles out along H.118 for about 30 minutes, dropping off a vehicle or two at the Mae Takhrai National Park office on the way, but then taking most vehicles about 5 kms further along the road to the start point of the hike.

Central Festival meeting point

Please bring:

  • at least 2 litres of water/rehydration drink.
  • strong, comfortable footwear with good grip in the mud and/or loose stones.
  • protection from heat/sun, cold/rain, insects. Trekking pole(s)/stick(s) also recommended.
  • a change of clothes and Bt.100 for your driver if you’d like to get a lift with someone.
  • picnic lunch and energy snacks.
  • lots of energy, enthusiasm, team spirit and a sense of humour.

17/01/01_Hike Report_New Year’s Day Hike: Doi Lang Lo Loop


On the way to the meeting point one co hike leader was hoping that with the New Year’s eve festivities and early morning light rain no one would show up. Unfortunately seven hikers had the temerity to actually turn up (in addition to the two leaders) so the hike went ahead. The rain stopped and as we ascended Doi lang, powered on by home-made cookies provided by a generous Koy, it looked as if the skies would clear. Unfortunately the rain came back and with it more mist and cloud to obscure the summit and any view. On the bright side the soft rain helped to compact the gravelly slopes on the way down, enabling the small group to complete the hike in just under four hours. Afterwards several hikers retired to the hot springs, which unfortunately was inundated with wannabe pop stars for some singing contest. Thankfully none of the hikers joined in.






Photos by Chan

Hike leadership by Stephen R and Matsu

Report by Stephen