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16/10/02 Huai Sai Loop



This weeks hike starts and finishes near to where the now closed Valley Café was and is an interesting loop of about 11.5km. and mainly on good trails.  The first few hundred metres is over flat terrain but we will quickly turn off and make our first ascent, about 150mtrs, through the forest after which we will descend and pass a small camp and lake before making the second, and final, ascent of about 350mtrs.  The trail leads to a junction where we will head west along a trail we used a few weeks ago and follow the contour for a kilometer or so.  This section is quite overgrown and has a few step drops so a pole and good boots are a must.  There is also an area where there are some good views, weather permitting of course.

The start of the descent is a bit tricky as there is no defined trail for the first 200 metres or so but the terrain is not too difficult and should not cause any problems.  We then follow a small stream for a short while, you may get wet feet here, before picking up the trail again.  The trail then roughly follows the contour for about a kilometre along a steep valley before leading to a junction where we will take a trail that goes back to the start point and has some good views on the way.

Although this is not a difficult hike (definitely medium) parts are quite overgrown making progress a bit slow at times.

Total hike time about 6hrs

Hike leader: Peter

If you want to join:

Make sure you have read the general advice on this website as well as the specific hike details in this post. If you still think this hike is for you, just turn up at the meeting place on the day, on time. No need to inform us in advance. But we cannot accommodate groups.

Meeting Point & Time:

We will meet at 0730 and leave at 0740 prompt at the open area 50 meters past the PTT gas station on Canal Road which is about 500 meters south of the Suthep Road intersection (see map below – click on map to enlarge).  There is limited parking space at the start point so we will try to keep cars to a minimum.



Items to bring:

  • At least 2 liters of water or re-hydration drink.
  • A picnic lunch.
  • Strong footwear with good grip and ankle support.
  • Sticks/poles .
  • Sunhat, sunscreen, insect repellent.
  • Long sleeves/ pants recommended.
  • Rainwear, unless you are happy to be soaked.
  • Plenty of energy, enthusiasm, team spirit and good humour.


16/09/27 Doi Pui Valley Loop report

dp0__1474947995_110-78-180-101Fourteen hikers decided to take a chance with the weather and met up at the Golden Buddha, it would have been 15 but one hiker had the wrong information and hadn’t brought enough supplies and so decided to go back home.  After a brief meeting it was decided to go ahead with the planned hike although 2 hikers had to be back in town for the afternoon so they opted to go part of the way with the main group and then branch off on to another, shorter loop, in order to be back in time.

At a little after 0800, and with a grey sky, the group set off along the forest trail for 15 minutes before taking a trail which runs alongside a stream and marks the start of the first major uphill section.  The stream was soon crossed and we came out on to a dirt road and continued on upwards, making good progress in pretty much ideal hiking conditions.  After about an hour we reached the junction where the hikers on the shortened loop had to leave us so, we had a short break and after exchanging farewells, continued on our way as a group of 12.  We soon reached the end of our first big uphill section and a short section of flat terrain followed before the dirt road goes downhill into a valley, which we crossed, and up into a mixture of farmland and forest before leading to an open area of farmland and leading to a stream which was crossed by either rock-hopping or paddling.  This was also a good place to take a snack break enabling everyone to get some energy for the second big hill climb.dp4__1474947706_110-78-180-101Once replenished it was back on the dirt road and the upward trek but, the conditions were still good making it not too difficult and we were able to make very good progress.  The trail finally levels out and pretty much contours around the valley for a few kilometres passing through varied farmland and forest with some lovely views.

After about 4hrs hiking, and 14km, we had reached the turning point of the loop and the lunch spot by a bridge over a small stream.  We were just setting off after lunch when, one of the group slipped between a gap in the bridge planking causing severe bruising to their leg.  After a bit of first-aid, and pain-killers, we were able to set off but at a reduced pace and with 10km still to go.  The dirt road now took us through open farmland with not a lot of uphill and a lot more downhill sections and some more lovely views until we, once again, came back into the forest and the last 6km of the hike.  Luckily, our injured hiker managed to get a lift from a passing truck for the last 4-5km (we only saw 2 trucks all day and one was going the other way!) so they didn’t have to negotiate the quite steep descent.

The final section of the hike was completed without any mishap and we arrived back at the start point at just after 1500, tired but still smiling.  Those that could went to one of the lake restaurants for some well earned refreshments.

Thanks to all who came along, great company!

Stats:  Distance 24.5km, 1010mtrs total ascent, 7hrs 10mins

Photos: Khun Anatsorn and Richard







16/09/25 Doi Pui Valley Loop

Featured image

Any updates/cancellation notices will be posted here before 0630 on Sunday morning so please check before setting off for the meeting point or you could be on your own.

This hike is moderate to difficult on account of it being about 23 km in length and has a total ascent of just under 1000 metres. The first half of the hike is mainly uphill and reasonable pace is required to avoid an excessively long hike time.

We last did this hike a year ago and it is a pleasant hike with good views and varied terrain and will take about 8 hours to complete. The hike commences from the Standing Buddha at Huay Tung Thao and initially follows the route up to Dtad Mork Waterfall. Instead of going upstream to the waterfall we will cross the stream and join the dirt road that leads up towards Ban Chang Kian. We follow this road (missing much of it by taking a series of short-cuts through the forest) for about 3 kilometers to a large junction. Here we turn right and make a long loop that runs uphill through forest and then through fruit orchards before it re-joins the same road much higher up the mountain.

The hike is mainly on good trails and dirt roads but wet feet may be expected at the single stream crossing. We will take lunch at a nice spot where the track crosses a small stream, just before commencing our descent.

Should circumstances be against us (i.e. its raining) there are two shorter hikes, with the same start point, as back-ups for those who want to hike in the rain but, if there is thunder/lightning the hike will be cancelled.

Hike leader: Peter

If you want to join:

Read the “What to do” and Things to bring” sections.

Just turn up at the meeting place on the day and on time.

We cannot accommodate groups.

Meeting Point and Time:

The Standing Buddha at Huay Tung Thao. We will start the hike at 07.45 sharp. There is a 20 or 50 Baht/person (Thai/non-Thai) charge to enter Huay Tung Thao, which is payable at the entrance booth (see map below). Turn left at the lake and continue for about 1 kilometer. The Standing Buddha is unmissable.


About 50% of the hike is in open country, so a hat, sunscreen, waterproofs, good footwear, insect repellant and a great sense of humour are essential. Also bring at least 2.5 liters of water, snacks and a picnic lunch.

Post-hike refreshments will be taken at a restaurant near the start/finish point.

Map showing route out to standing Buddha from the moat


16/09/18_Trip report_Doi Lang Lo “flood and thunder” hike

A faulty decision was made not to cancel the hike in the early morning! It could be blamed on a wrong weather forecast …
16 hikers gathered in front of Promenada Mall and moved onto Mae Pha Haen reservoir and started the hike at 08:20.
The weather was cloudiness at first, but turned into light rain and became a thunder storm from about 10 o’clock. We then gave up hike and turned back to the start point.
There was a flash flood and road collapse but the 16 hikers managed to get back to starting point safely at 11:30. When we tried to take a short cut to the restaurant, fallen trees blocked the road and forced a detour. We got into hot springs after we had meals at the restaurant but the hot water stopped and the water was not hot enough … What a day !!
Total walking time was 3 hours 10 minutes and the total distance of the hike was 7km.  I’m sorry for my wrong decision. I should have cancelled it.
– Report by Matsu


16/09/18_Doi Lang Lo hike


The hike is still on; the thundercloud is getting away from Chiang Mai but don’t forget rain wear please.

This week’s hike will be a little bit hard. We start from the shore of Mae Pha Haen reservoir (18°42’57.1″N 99°14’11.4″E,  at  390m above sea level) and try to attack the summit (1,046m above sea level). This is a completely new route for our public (Sunday) group.

The hike length is about 12km, with about 650m elevation gain and estimated walking time will be 6 hours if you want to get the summit.
Above an elevation of 600m the route will be a steep and rocky uphill and trail. So, if you don’t have enough physical strength to get to the summit, you can turn back to the start point with a sub-leader.

Option : After the hiking, we will go to a restaurant to have meals, cold beers and drinks. And then, those who wish can swim at the swimming pool of San Kampaeng hot springs. (Hot springs entrance fees are: Foreign tourists for THB100, Foreign residents with Thai driving licence for THB50, Thai adults for THB40, Thai children for THB20.  Swimming pool fee for THB50, Private bathing room for THB60.)


Hike Leaders:  Matsu and Chan

If you want to join:
If you want to join: just turn up at the meeting place on the day, on time. We cannot accommodate groups and cannot guarantee seats in cars. Well-behaved dogs are welcome on the hike, but not in the hot springs area. Please give 100 baht to your driver towards fuel costs if you need a lift, and bring a change of clothes for the return journey. Apparently we have had some stingy/stinky passengers recently. And, if you want to try to get to the summit, choose a driver who would like to attack the summit.

Meeting Place
Meeting Place: We will meet at 07:20 in front of Promenada Mall on R1317 (location marked “A” on the map below) and start on time at 07:30.  We head straight out along the R1317 and move onto Mae Pha Haen reservoir.


Promenada map

Please bring:

  • At least 2 liters of water,
  • snacks/picnic brunch,
  • good footwear, hiking poles,
  • hat, rain wear,
  • insect repellent, sun-block if you are sensitive,
  • change of clothes/plastic bag for muddy footwear for the return car journey,
  • energy, team spirit, enthusiasm and a good sense of humour,
  • THB100 if you are a passenger and something for any drinks/meal you buy afterwards.
  • swimsuit, towel, change of clothes/footwear for hot springs (if you choose the option)


16/09/11 Huay Jo Hike report

h1Eight stalwart hikers shrugged off the early morning showers and met up at Mechok Plaza at 0730 and, after some coffee and snacks, we set off for Huay Jo and managed to get there without losing anyone.

We began the hike at about 0830 with a moderate ascent up to the first of two ridges and, although there had been a lot of rain, the trail was in good condition and good progress was made.  After about 3km we made a descent and left the main trail for a smaller one which passed through some fairly thick vegetation and took us to the valley floor where we joined a dirt track for few hundred metres.  After a short break we took another small trail and began our ascent up the other side of the valley on to the second ridge.  The weather was still being kind to us, cloudy and cool, and our optimism was high but, as we got higher we could see the hilltops shrouded in cloud and that it would only be a matter of time before we got some rain.  It wasn’t hard enough for us to stop and take shelter but it lasted for about an hour and it did spoil the views as we were now on the part of the hike where the best views were.



There’s some lovely scenery out there somewhere

Wet, but still smiling, we progressed along the ridge and made the turning point of the loop and the start of our descent; it was also getting near lunch and, due to a technical hitch (i.e. I had forgotten exactly where the lunch spot log was!) we had a little bit further to go than I had told everyone.  Still, we found it, the rain had stopped and lunch could be taken in relative comfort.




Lunch on the log

After lunch we continued our descent on a rocky trail through the forest which, after a few kilometres, led us on to the valley floor and a firm dirt trail used by the mushroom and bamboo-shoot harvesters although we did not see any today.  The trail comes out on to the road and the last kilometre of the hike was alongside the reservoir, which is still very low.  The distance covered today was 17.5km with a total ascent of 680mtrs and took just under 5.5hrs. Photos are courtesy of Richard

Thanks to everyone who turned out and we hope you enjoyed it, Richard and I did.



16/09/11 Huay Jo Rocky Mountain Hike


0626 – The hike is still on; there is an option to do a shorter loop and a vote will be taken by those who turn up. 

As usual at this time of year, if there is heavy rain the hike might be cancelled. If it is going to be cancelled, we will post a warning here by 06:30 on Sunday morning.

This is a nice forest hike and was last tackled by the group a year ago; we checked it out last week and it is still there and, for the most part, in good condition.  The trails are generally good and wide but quite rocky so good footwear is a must and a pole helpful.  There are a few short steep sections but most of the hike is over reasonable terrain (total ascent about 700mtrs) and at about the half-way point there are some lovely views to be had, weather permitting.

This is a moderate hike due to its length, 17km, so a reasonable level of fitness is required and it is expected to take 6-7 hours.  It is recommended that you bring at least 2.5 litres of water/fluid per person

Hike Leaders: Peter and Richard

If you want to join, make sure you have read the general advice on this website as well as the particular details in this post. If you still think the hike is for you, then just turn up at the meeting place on the day and on time. No need to inform us you are coming. We cannot accommodate groups. Places are usually available for passengers in cars although it cannot be guaranteed. If you are a passenger, please give your driver 100Bht as a contribution for fuel.

Meeting Place:

We will meet at 0730 at Meechok Plaza (see map) and leave at 0740 sharp.



Bring :

  • at least 2.5 liters of water
  • snacks/picnic brunch
  • good footwear
  • a pole
  • hat, rain wear
  • insect repellent, sun-block if you are sensitive
  • change of clothes/plastic bag for muddy footwear for the return car journey
  • energy, team spirit, enthusiasm and a good sense of humour
  • money: 100Bht if you are a passenger and something for any drinks/meal you buy afterwards.