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16/12/04_Hike report_Op Khan picnic and swim




A total of 27 hikers turned up for this hike/swim. On the outward hike to the river we decided to take the back route, which has unfortunately become overgrown in parts. This resulted in a bit of bush whacking and several changes in direction but everyone reached the river safely. The water was invigoratingly cold but inviting and about twelve hikes enjoyed a leisurely swim with all having snacks/lunch beside the small gorge. On the return hike along the river one good Samaritan waded across the river to extinquish a smoldering fire that had been abandoned by some careless individuals. We reached the park headquarters just after 1PM and most of the hiking party retired to the Canyon Restaurant for refreshments. A leisurely three and half hour hike and swim but unfortunately no snakes.

Report and hike leadership by Stephen












16/12/04_Op Khan loop and swim

Ob Khan in Feb 2009


This will be an easy hike/swim lasting three to four hours. From the headquarters of the Op Khan national Park we will hike down to and along the river to a small gorge and swimming spot. The hike to the gorge should take approximately one hour and will involve some bush whacking and clambering over rocks at the river’s edge but nothing very strenuous. At the gorge, if the water is acceptable, we can swim (please bring suitable swimming attire and note you are responsible for your own safety) and have an early lunch/picnic before returning to the park headquarters. On the way back to CM we can stop at the Canyon restaurant for further refreshments. In the event of heavy rain the hike will be cancelled. Consult the web site before 7.30 AM on Sunday.

Hike leader: Stephen
If you want to join
Just turn up at the meeting place on the day. No need to let us know you are coming. No groups please. We will then carshare out to the Ob Khan NP HQ, about an hour south of town. Places in cars are usually available but cannot be guaranteed. If you are a passenger, please check with driver that their plans for refreshment stop after the hike match yours. Please also contribute THB to driver for fuel etc and bring a change of shirt for the return journey.

Meeting Place
We will meet at 08:15 hours for an 08:30 start at the open ground immediately after the first traffic lights after Suthep market on the irrigation canal road (H.121), just after the PTT petrol station (which has toilets, 711 and fuel). Meeting place GPS co-ordinates: 18° 47.002′ N  98° 57.512′ E  (Click map to enlarge.)

121 meet map

Hike start/end point: 18° 43.155′ N  98° 49.413′ E

Ob Khan hiking route

Please bring:

  • at least 2 litres of water/rehydration drink
  • energy snacks and a picnic lunch
  • sunhat, sunscreen, strong ankle-supporting footwear,
  • long sleeves & pants recommended against sun and sharp spiky vegetation.
  • plenty of energy, enthusiasm, good humour and team spirit

Please note: neither pets nor alcohol are allowed in this national park area, according to signs.

16/11/27_Trip report_Short, sharp, shock

A short, sharp trip report this time (before the next hike tomorrow). I’ll let the photos and a few numbers tell most of the story…


25 hikers, three groups, five newbies, two wardrobe malfunctions (no photos).


All distances, elevation gains and timings more or less as planned. Misty views not quite as planned but compensated for by cool air & more atmospheric views.




Thanks to all drivers, open-air passengers, photographers, explorers and hikers. Nice day.

16/11/27_Short, sharp, shock

Steep. At least two peaks (and possibly three, if we add the optional Doi Lanka Noi). Long grass to push through (and tickle your nose and poke your eye). Narrow paths above steep drops. Some slippery steep terrain. Long, open sunny sections. And did we mention steep?


But great views over the Doi Lanka area. This is a repeat of the first two (or optionally all three) of Oliver’s Three Peaks Doi Lanka Noi hike from June 2015.  15/06/07_Trip Report:_Doi Langka Noi three peaks special. But we’ve found another way back down to the village which avoids some (but not all) of the steepest ups and downs. Short version 6 kms, up 500m, down much more. 4-5 hours.


If any hikers opt for the full three peaks, there are at least three very steep uphill sections and two down, including sections which require hands as well as feet, at least for balance and occasionally for support. (8.5 kms, +750m, 6 hrs)


Hike leader: Mike

Meeting point: <18° 48.328′ N  99° 1.211′ E> in front of Central Festival mall on H.118 (not H.11 superhighway), opposite Isuzu at 07.20 for an 07.30 start. No groups. No need to let us know you are coming; just turn up in good time, after reading the ‘dangers’, ‘what to do’ and ‘things to bring’ tabs above. Seats in vehicles not guaranteed. 50-min drive to the end-point carpark (limited parking space), all on surfaced roads, then a squeeze into the smallest number of vehicles for the short drive to the trailhead.

Meeting place

Meeting place

Please bring:

  • at least 2-3 litres of water/rehydration drink
  • energy snacks and a picnic lunch
  • protection from sun (hat, cream), insects, spiky/itchy/sharp vegetation (gloves recommended)
  • stick/trekking pole(s) and boots with good grip to aid on the steep, slippery descents
  • for passengers: 100 baht towards fuel costs and a change of shirt/clothes for the return journey
  • lots of energy, enthusiasm and a good sense of humour (and sense of balance)

16/11/20_Trip report_Doi Lang Lo


24 hikers gathered in front of Promenada and the convoy set off toward the starting place. But -sorry to J ! – nobody noticed her presence and she was left behind.  PG tried to call her when we arrived at Mae Pha Haen reservoir but he couldn’t get a connection.
A biker joined us at the starting place and the total number of hikers again became 24.  We started the hike at 08:15 and walked on the motorbike trail for 1.1 km and then began climbing up to the mountain.
It was a rocky and steep climb up.  15 hikers made it to the top of Doi Lang Lo at 10:30 and the other 9 hikers waited below the peak, having an early lunch.
All the hikers started go down the mountain after the two groups came together at 12:10, and got to the parking place at 13:40. Some hikers slipped during the descent on steep rocky slope. They got scratches but all the hikers were able to return to the original place safely.
The total walking time was 5 hours 25 minutes and the total distance of the hike was 11.2km.  It was tough hiking even though Doi Lang Lo is not a high mountain.
We then moved on to a restaurant outside the entrance of San Kampaeng hot springs, to have meals, cold beers and drinks,. Then we enjoyed bathing at the hot springs swimming pool. Thanks to everybody who co-operated in making the hike.
Hike leadership and report by Matsu

16/11/20_Doi Lang Lo hike


This week we return to get the better of a challenge in which we were defeated by thunderstorms when we tried it two months ago: the peak of Doi Lang Lo (never before conquered on one of our Sunday hikes). We start from the shore of Mae Pha Haen reservoir (18°42’57.1″N 99°14’11.4″E,  at  390m above sea level) and try to attack the summit (1,046m above sea level).
  • The hike length is about 10km, with about 650m elevation gain and estimated walking time will be 5 hours.
  •  Above an elevation of 700m the route will be a steep and rocky uphill trail with no shade and there is knife ridge at a part of the trail.
  •  We choose an easier approach than last time, in order to get to the peak (although for returning we will use the original route). Since the route is now a loop, if you find you cannot continue on the ascent, you will need to go back to the starting place using your GPS and wait for the other hikers to return.

Option : After the hiking, we will go to a restaurant to have meals, cold beers and drinks. And then, those who wish can swim at the swimming pool of San Kampaeng hot springs. (Hot springs entrance fees are: Foreign tourists for THB100, Foreign residents with Thai driving licence for THB50, Thai adults for THB40, Thai children for THB20.  Swimming pool fee for THB50, Private bathing room for THB60.)

Hike Leader:  Matsu
If you want to join: just turn up at the meeting place on the day, on time. We cannot accommodate groups and cannot guarantee seats in cars. Well-behaved dogs are welcome on the hike, but not in the hot springs area. Please give 100 baht to your driver towards fuel costs if you need a lift, and bring a change of clothes for the return journey.
Meeting Place
We will meet at 07:20 in front of Promenada Mall on R1317 (location marked “A” on the map below) and start on time at 07:30.  We head straight out along the R1317 and move onto Mae Pha Haen reservoir.


Promenada map

Please bring:

  • At least 2 liters of water,
  • snacks/picnic brunch,
  • good footwear, hiking poles,
  • hat, rain wear,
  • insect repellent, sun-block if you are sensitive,
  • change of clothes/plastic bag for muddy footwear for the return car journey,
  • energy, team spirit, enthusiasm and a good sense of humour,
  • THB100 if you are a passenger and something for any drinks/meal you buy afterwards.
  • swimsuit, towel, change of clothes/footwear for hot springs (if you choose the option)


16/11/13_Hike report_Doi Mae Tho ridge

20 hikers met at CenFes and we immediately sent two vehicles on ahead to the hike end point.  Good progress was then made by the 5 other vehicles, and we met a final, 21st, biker-hiker at the trailhead.  After a quick vehicle shuffle, we managed to start hiking around 08.50.  Good co-operation and co-ordination all round.


The group spread out a little along the first 3 kms of dirt road uphill, but came together briefly at one leader’s interpretation of the first junction/turn. At the second junction, the other leader neglected to check the route on GPS and so a number of hikers embarked on an ‘interesting’ detour, involving a bit of an obstacle and eventually some serious uphill off-piste work to regain the correct trail. The correct-route hikers also had their own little adventure, apparently, (more details anyone?) which resulted in one hiker deciding to return to the start point to wait for the others’ return.





11.5 kms, up about 900m, down over 1,000m, in about 6 hrs 10 mins. Great views, only a little rain, atmospheric (welcome) cloud cover, and plenty of exercise. With a little bridge re-building (and de-building, thanks Mr Wader, being necessary, to guard against flash flood damage).



Big thanks to all the drivers, bridge (de)builders, the seven explorers who’ve undertaken three previous hikes in the area, photographers (Y, R), and to everyone for keeping together when necessary and for patience during slight detours.😉  Bad traffic on the way home, unfortunately, and a breakdown for poor Bob. Hope you guys didn’t have to wait too long for help to arrive, and that it’s not too serious a problem.