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19/02/17_Upnodown hike

Narrow ridge top trails in the middle-to-later parts of the hike.

First the bad news: probably smokey air with restricted views, lots of uphill walking, some narrow trails above steep drops, some slippery leaf-strewn paths, leeches, car shuffling necessary pre- & post-hike, dusty roadworks on the drive in/out. Did I mention the uphill?

But the good news: cooler and less smokey (we hope) than at lower elevations, very little downhill walking (many knees will approve), mostly shady trails (after early open farmland) and quite varied local scenery – past mulberry farms and up onto ridge-top hunter’s trails.

Distance 8-9 kms, up 850m (but down only 300m total). About 4-5 hours, including lunch break, with 4 kms of constant uphill. We will stop the hike if there are any hill fires in the area. Many trail junctions, so please stay in sight of the hike leader at all times.

Lots and lots of up. Not so much down.

All hikers are responsible for their own safety at all times.. No groups, please. No re-advertising online. Seats in cars cannot be guaranteed. 50-min drive each way between meeting point and hike start/end points. Some car ferrying will be necessary before and after the hike as this is not a loop. 

BTW, a gentle reminder to our regular hikers, that we would appreciate some more assistance with leading hikes. Let’s spread the load a little more and not take our leaders for granted.

Meeting point: In front of Susco petrol station at 07.20 (for an 07.30 departure). (NB: the shop has closed down.)


Please bring:

  • at least 1-2 litres of water/rehydration drink
  • protection from sun, heat, smoky air, leeches.
  • energy snacks and picnic (first) lunch
  • strong legs/knees, footwear with deep tread/good grip, trekking pole/stick
  • lots of energy, team spirit and good humour
  • passengers needing a lift, please bring 100 baht towards fuel and a change of shirt/clothes for the drive home.

19/02/10_Thepsadet loop

The steep bit up to the peak.

A 10-km loop from the Thepsadet waterfall carpark, up/down about 700m to the high ridge above and the 1719m peak with great 360º views, in about 4-5 hours. Some steep stuff near the peak (see graph below) but all on clear trails. Option for fast hikers to add the extra 1+ km each way to see the Thepsadet falls while waiting for the rest of the group to return. Aftermath at the Pang Hai coffee shop.

All hikers are responsible for their own safety at all times.. No groups, please. No re-advertising online. Seats in cars cannot be guaranteed. 50-min drive each way between meeting point and hike start/end points. 

Meeting point: In front of Susco at 07.20 (for an 07.30 departure).


Please bring:

  • at least 2 litres of water/rehydration drink
  • protection from sun/heat, smoky air.
  • energy snacks and picnic (first) lunch
  • strong legs/knees, footwear with deep tread/good grip, trekking pole/stick
  • lots of energy, team spirit and good humour
  • passengers please bring 100 baht for your driver and a change of shirt/clothes for the drive home.

19/02/03_Report_Around Wieng Kum Kam

Wat Chedi Liem viewed from the barrage down-river

Nine of us enjoyed this morning ramble. It first took us across the Ping river at the barrage, through a horse pasture and along a riverside walkway toward the stupa spire of Wat Chedi Liem.

We then bore eastward, past the beautiful Wat Boonruang to the ruins of Wat Huanong, before looping back, past a variety of scenic places, to the old visitor centre and the more famous ruins of Wat E-Kang and Wat That Kaow. Then we avoided getting lost in a muddy wood, as was the case when we last hiked here. Instead we returned safely through the horse pasture and over the barrage.

Most of the ruins apparently dated from the 13th to 16th centuries


Amazing tree in the horse pasture

Last-minute drama was afforded when we found a gate locked against us and a formidable boundary fence. Our escape required suppleness, athleticism and ingenuity. All of us repaired to a riverside restaurant before going home. The walking time was about two and a half hours, including periods of looking around some of the interesting sites en route.

Hike leadership and reporting by Michael M. Additional photos from Christine.


19/02/03_Around Wieng Kum Kam

This is an easy suburban ramble, along a loop route that will take us past (and through) many of the beautiful temples and picturesque ruins of Wieng Kum Kam.

It begins from a point south of where Mahidol Rd goes over the Ping river (see more exact directions below). Near the start point, we will cross the river on foot over the sluice gates into the Wieng Kum Kam area. It is all on the flat, so an easy hike. Probably about 7km walking distance, to be covered in 2-3 hours. Afterwards we may take refreshments at a riverside restaurant.

Hike leader: Michael M

Meeting Point: Outside the 7-Eleven store which is on the 4032 riverside road, slightly over one km south of the point where this road connects with the 1141 (Mahidol Rd, sometimes known as Airport Rd) and where the 1141 crosses the Ping River. Car-owners should park at the side of the building, or behind it, in order to avoid obstructing the regular store access: there is plenty of space there.

There is room for parking in front of the store, or in vacant ground at the side or behind the block where the store is.

Meeting time: 8:50am. We will start walking promptly at 09am.

If you want to join: Just turn up on time. There is no need to tell us you are coming. But we cannot absorb groups.


  • Walking shoes. Trainers are okay for this hike. Boots not necessary.
  • Fairly civilized clothing, e.g. long pants. This is not a hike in the woods. We will be around temples and in people’s neighbourhoods much of the time.
  • Hat and sunblock may also be useful.
  • About one litre of water, or else be ready to buy water etc at shops en route. Same thing re snacks.
  • Team spirit, good humour as ever.

19/01/27_Report_Sakura special


21 sakura-seeking hikers assembled at the Arboretum early Sunday morning on what promised to be a fine, sunny day. The party were asked to select one of three options to enable coordination of transport during the day, not least arranging song thaew pick-up from Ban Khun Chiang Kian village. The three options were: walking one way to the village from Wat Suthep, walking to the village and returning to Wat Suthep, walking to the village and then returning to the arboretum on foot. Having arrived via assorted forms of transport from the city, the party coalesced once more, this time on the steps of a very busy Wat Suthep. We set off on a trail that took us first through the Forestry houses overlooking the temple, before swinging north into and through shady forest. The group stopped for a snack break after about 8km at five-way junction amidst conifer trees. A further two kilometers on we reached the village and saw the first sign of cherry trees coming into bloom. Arriving at about 11.30am, the group was briefed on when and where to re-convene, and were then free to blend in with the many sightseers that were also there. Most hikers chose to head for the Agricultural station where the best views of the Sakura were to be had. The blossom this year appeared to be more profuse than previously albeit not fully out. A very pleasing sight at any rate.


At the garden coffee shop

Option 1 Group (11 people): The songthaew picked us up at 12:30: a little earlier than in previous years; our visit felt a little bit rushed, but maybe all the sweeter for being too short. There was less road traffic than for our pilgrimages in recent years (when the sakura bloomed earlier in the month), and we reached the Arboretum again soon after 1.30pm.

Option 2 Group (8 people if we count a maverick): Total distance 21.3kms, hike time 6 hours and 15 minutes, end time 2.42PM.

Option 3 Group (2 people): Two hikers chose to return directly from the village down to the Arboretum. The emphasis was definitely on the word ‘down’, relentlessly so for the seven kilometer distance. Much of the trail passed through woodland until eventually emerging into the sunshine and out on to the main road by the Huay Kaew waterfall with its fine views overlooking Chiang Mai.


Hike leadership and reporting by Pachyderm, SRR and Michael. Photos mainly by visiting hiker, PC.

19/01/27_Sakura Special

This Sunday we have our annual pilgrimage to see the Sakura or Wild Himalayan Cherry (Prunus cerasoides) blossom at Ban Hmong Khun Chang Khian and the University’s agricultural research gardens nearby, near the top of Doi Pui.

The gardens as they were on Tuesday 22nd. (Photo thanks to Sandra and Jip)

This hike has three variations, and we need participants to decide before the start if they are going to choose the first one, in which case to put down money (THB 200) for the return songthaew (red truck) transport.

In all three variations, we take car and/or songthaew transport from the meeting place (the Arboretum car-park on Huay Gaew Road, near the zoo) to the carpark/restaurant area at the foot of the steps of Wat Doi Suthep. From there we hike to the sakura area, which takes about three hours. Once there, hikers may disperse for up to an hour to enjoy life at leisure. The (temporary) food stalls and some of the best blossoms are to be found at the Agriculture Research Station about half a kilometer to the west of Ban Hmong Khun Chang Khian village, and it is this location that provides good views of the sakura trees. This area will be very popular! We therefore advise everyone to bring sandwiches, snacks and drink as a contingency. Also bring something warm to wear.

Variation 1 is to take a songthaew from the sakura area back to the Arboretum (via Wat Doi Suthep). We will need to book the songthaew in advance, which is why we need to know how many people will take this option. Cost depends on number of passengers in vehicle, but in past years, people have received some money back from their THB 200 deposits. We would meet the songthaew at 1pm, and arrive back at the Arboretum about 2.30pm.

Variation 2 is simply to hike back along the path from the sakura area to the Wat Doi Suthep carpark area (10km in about two-and-a-half hours), from where you can catch a public songthaew (THB 40) or ride in shared car back to the Arboretum, arriving about 4pm.

Variation 3 is a relatively strenuous hike from the village all the way to the Arboretum. It is only 8km horizontally, but 1km vertically. The continuous fairly steep descent makes it tiring. Return to the Arboretum may be after 4pm.

Hike initiators:  Michael M and Pachyderm

Meeting Place

Meet at 07:45 in the car park of the Huay Kaeow Arboretum (also known as the exercise park).

  • Head straight out from the moat 3.5 km towards Doi Suthep on Huay Kaeow Road.
  • The arboretum is on the left after the front entrance to Chiang Mai University and just before the entrance to the Zoo.
  • The car park of the arboretum is at the end of the park near the zoo.

See the maps below (click to enlarge them).

The location of arboretum from the moat of the old city

The location of arboretum from the moat of the old city


As per the normal advice (see tabs at top of page), except:

  • Money for transport: THB 200 for downhill songthaew if you are choosing Variation 1; THB 50 to offer your driver if you are sharing a car to and from to Wat Doi Suthep, THB 40 one-way for songthaew to/from Wat Doi Suthep.
  • Something warm to wear in case it is cold at the top of Doi Pui.

2019/01/20_Trip Report_Mae Win Huai Hoi Waterfall Long Loop

13 hikers enjoyed a lovely day out on this beautiful hike. The sun was shining, the temperature perfect, the air clear and the trail-finding (almost) exemplary. We made good time without pushing hard and even with plentiful breaks managed to complete in a faster than anticipated 6 hours 15 minutes.


Group photo above canyon

Distance and total “up” 17km and 950m as advertised. Story in pictures (more or less) in sequence.










Thanks to Tom and Andrew for the photographs.