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2018/10/20_Report_Huay Tueng Thao short hike

Four humans and a dog enjoyed this morning walk. A circuit of the Huay Tueng Thao reservoir and rice fields was completed in a little less than two hours, and we lingered for nearly another hour in a small coffee shop with a great view across the lake. The threatened rainy spelll held off until we had had time to get home.


2018/10/21_Huay Tueng Thao short hike

This relatively short walk is an alternative to the out-of-town hike posted below.

It is basically a loop on flat land, around the recreation lake at Huay Tueng Thao. It is largely on the surfaced road and its grassy verges. We will also walk on mud tracks and paths while going round the rice fields at the north end of the reservoir. There is a stream crossing that might require wading (no more than knee height) or leaping.

Dogs may be brought. Estimated duration: two hours.

Meeting time: 07:50 for a start at 08:00.

Meeting place: the carpark outside the Huay Tueng Thao park office. HTT park is about 10km north from the centre of Chiang Mai. Driving northwards on Canal Road (121), watch out for the signs telling you where to turn off to the left. Then there is an approach road of 1.5km leading up to a booth where you may have to pay THB 50 Baht per foreigner. After that, at the T-junction turn right and right again into the car park.

Hike initiator: Michael

If you want to join, make sure you have read the general advice on this website (see side-panels and tabs at the top). If you still think the hike is for you, just turn up at the stated place and time.

As ever, we look forward to your enthusiasm and good humour.

18/10/21_Mae Taeng Circular

This is a fairly long hike and exposed to the sun in places, so sun-protection (hats, sunblock, water) particularly important. In wet weather, the steep dirt roads can be very slippery. Don’t forget your hiking poles and heavy-duty hiking shoes. In other words you can’t win, come well-prepared for any and all eventualities.

In the event of inclement weather, an update will be posted on this site by 06.30 on Sunday morning.

The Organisers first attempt at this hike last year failed when both went down sick on the same day. A kind Samaritan took over, but persistent low cloud obscured the views. The route was recced again a couple of months ago and, guess what, low cloud was still obscuring the view. The timing has been carefully calibrated to optimise the chance of enjoying beautiful clear views and at the same time reduce the risk from slippery dirt roads. Can’t be wet again, surely??


Three times like this. Fourth time lucky??

The trail traverses forested slopes and ridges, interspersed with hill-tribe villages and large expanses of cleared agricultural area. One can imagine beautiful views, but since the three attempts so far were all conducted in low-cloud conditions with steady light rain, the true beauty of this hike has remained hidden from the human eye.

At 15 km long and with about 1,000 meters of elevation gain, this will be a fairly strenuous hike. The route follows dirt roads or good forest trails throughout. However, the dirt roads become very slippery when wet. We anticipate a total hike time of around 6 hours, including a snack break.

The hike starts and ends at a small car park near the “rafting” area and benefits from changing facilities (at a small fee) and several restaurants along the river bank. After the hike we will cross the road to one of these establishments and eat gai yang and som tam while watching the “rafters” (actually floaters) shoot past.

Hike Organisers: Richard and Peter.

Please read the general information on this site, as well as this particular post. If you still think this hike is for you, then just turn up at the meeting place on the day and time. Seats in cars are usually available, but can not be guaranteed.

Meeting Point and Directions:

We will meet at the parking lot in front of the 700-year Sports Stadium on Canal Road (Highway 121) for a 07.30 departure and car share to the hike start point. Do not enter the stadium area, this parking lot is OUTSIDE.


We will travel in convoy from the meeting point to the hike start point. However, in case of mishap en route or for personal convenience, the route we will follow is:

Left along Canal Road to the Junction with Highway 107 and turn left towards Mae Rim.

Continue along H 107 through Mae Rim and Mae Malai market. Continue on the Highway past the turn-off for the Mae Ngat reservoir and shortly after, at the top of a steep hill, turn left on a road sign-posted to the Mae Taman elephant camp (H 3052 on my map). Continue past the elephant camp and dog sanctuary. The starting point is from a car park with toilet block to the right of the road, with a number of small restaurants opposite.


Please bring:

  • At least 2 litres of water/ rehydration drink.
  • Sunhat, sunscreen, insect repellent, long sleeves/pants. Rainwear if you are a pessimist.
  • Strong footwear with good grip and ankle support.
  • A snack.
  • A change of clothes and fuel contribution of 100 Baht if sharing a car.
  • Plenty of energy, enthusiasm, team spirit and good humour.

18/10/14_Trip report_Dragon Peak loop

I’ll let the photos do most of the reporting, for which many thanks to the two photographers. All went according to plan, except for a minor detour down a previously unnoticed ridge trail running diagonally between our up and down routes. After repeated recounts, we finally decided that we must have had 25 human hikers, who took about 4.5 hours to complete the 9 km loop (up/down about 650m). A nice reunion for some regulars and returners, with a few newbies too.

Service in the coffee shop was not up to their usual standards, unfortunately for some perhaps-still-hungry hikers. Thanks to some of our Thai members for assisting with the confusion, and also to the drivers for helping to reduce the number of vehicles we took.

Wednesday/Thursday hike/camping: Baan Nasa

Matt (one of our regulars) is organising a special hiking and camping trip, Wednesday 17th to Thursday 18th October. See this link for further details: https://www.facebook.com/events/1119072708241194/


18/10/14_Dragon Peak loop

Dragon view

Dragon’s eye view

Let’s go dragon hunting in the Misty Mountains. (Or is it only misty at my house again?)

This is a volunteer-led hike and you are responsible for your own safety at all times. Please read the full hike description/requirements/dangers sections and consider your preparedness. Please don’t link/repost on social media. 

This hike starts with a 2+hour uphill climb, up to the 1,500 m ‘Dragon’s Peak’.  We’ll take the first, steepest, section, quite slowly but it is quite a long high climb.  Parts of the subsequent 1-2-hour downhill section are quite steep and slippery – there was one full somersault and one broken trekking stick last time – but the views through the shady ridge-top trees are usually worth the effort.  Overall hiking distance ‘only’ about 9 kms, but 700-800m of total elevation gain. Many junctions on the way up, so please stay together with the group.

Probably 4-5 hours, including snack stop. Aprés hike lunch in our regular cafe in the village.

Dragon's Den

Dragon’s Den*?

Meeting point:  We will meet at 07.20 am in front of Susco petrol station on H.118 (the road out to Doi Saket and Chiangrai, see map below) opposite Suzuki for an 07.30 am start to the trailhead.

We will share vehicles for a 45 mins drive, out along H.118, past Doi Saket, turn right onto H.3005 past the (now re-opened) Doi Saket hot springs, and then left to follow the Mae Lai stream to our hike starting point at our regular Pang-Has coffee shop/restaurant. We should minimise the number of vehicles we take and park considerately near the coffee shop.

If you want to join, just turn up at the meeting place on time. No need to let us know. Seats in cars not guaranteed. No groups please and no unprepared hikers.



Please bring/prepare:

  • at least 2 litres of water or rehydration drink, and energy snacks/first lunch
  • strong legs & lungs for the climb up; sticks recommended for steep downhill
  • sunhat, suncreen, insect repellant, long sleeves/pants, rainwear recommended
  • strong footwear with good grip and ankle support
  • 100 baht for your driver and a change of shirt/clothes, if car-sharing
  • plenty of energy, enthusiasm, team spirit and good humour

* A zip wire operator, called Dragon Flight, operates in the area. No dragons were encountered on the exploration hike, though we did meet this relative:

Dragon baby


18/10/07 Trip report Wat Doi Suthep to Ban Khun Chang Khian and back

A total of seventeen hikers and one K9 turned out on what was a rather misty/smoky morning down at the arboretum.  Higher up, at the start point, the air was clearer but Chinag Mai was completely obscured which was a bit of a disappointment for 2 of the group who were on a short visit to the city.  That aside, the group set off and once into the forest we were met with a number of fallen trees and other storm damage which made progress a little interesting at times but did not slow down the group too much.  Regular stops were made to regroup and take on water and a longer snack break was taken at 5-way-junction, which is now missing its large conifer tree, another victim to this seasons storms.  From here it was a relatively easy hike along the dirt road and up into the village where refreshments were had at the café/restaurant but, still no views!


Snack break at 5-ways



Café at the village


One of two resident café cockerels

The group split into two for the return leg, 5 hikers taking an alternative route, which went directly back to the arboretum, while the remaining 12 + K9 elected to retrace its earlier steps.  Whilst there was not much to see in the way of vistas the forest, as ever, had plenty to offer.  We did not encounter the wasps mentioned in the comments of the previous post but it has been over 4 months since they were encountered and have, obviously, found somewhere else to live!



The 12+K9 group made it back to the start point for a total hike time of about 5hrs and retired to a restaurant for the post-hike refreshments and the Alternative group arrived at the arboretum for a total time of about the same.



Stats for those interested; the there-and-back group 19kms, 800mtrs and for the alternative group no info available but probably a few kms more and 600mtrs more descent (but we don’t count that!).

Thanks to all who turned up and making it another great day, special thanks to Busakorn for the photos and MM for the initial post and in-hike assistance.