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2021/02/28_Report_Ban Pong upland farming loop

A surprising twenty hikers turned up at the starting point, including some newbees and returnees, and combined with two hikers waiting for us at the Temple this gave a grand total of twenty-two hikers and two canine volunteers for this new hike.

Keeping with tradition the hike leader missed an early turn, ably assisted by his co-leader, but this was quickly corrected. After a period two hikers decided to turn back and walk back to the temple, where we would meet them later. The rest of the group wound its way through a patchwork of cultivated fields, small encampments of farm workers and barking dogs, with some of the latter taking exception to the presence of the two canine volunteers, without any serious engagement. At the first mini stop there was much camera clicking at a rather large stick insect and the patchwork field views.

After that things went quiet as we made the not steep but longish climb up the road towards the highest point on the hike. Shortly afterwards we came upon the “Rose garden” a cultivated area of rose flowers, which caused considerably excitement among some hikers.

The owners of the field kindly give free rose bud flowers and a bunch of bananas to the hikers and the hike leader felt obliged to offer some unasked for compensation, which was gracefully accepted. The hike leader then made another short wrong turn, which happily ended in strawberry fields with one of the hikers buying a bucket of strawberries.

We had our lunch/snack break at the end of our road through the agricultural area, where our path turned down into the forest. During the exploratory trip two weeks ago the hike leader had taken the wrong turn half way down the forest trail but this time, conferring with his co-leader, we stayed on the right track, and completed the 15km loop hike in a good time of four hours and fifteen minutes. We picked up the other two hikers at the temple and retired for refreshments at one of the restaurants overlooking the Hillsborough Country hotel.

Hike leadership and reporting by SRR. Dependable backup by Tall Michael. Photos from Champ, Bussakorn and (the master of the stick-insect) Oliver.

2021/02/28_Ban Pong upland farming loop

This new hike is accessed from the southern part of the Samoeng Road and will partly follow an old hike route by former hike leader Anders. lt is a loop hike of approx 15kms through a mainly agricultural area (with some good valley views) and some forest areas. Total elevation is 1,200 metres but most of the uphill is gradual, with most of the route on dirt roads and forest paths. The hike will start five kms from the main road and 4WD or pick ups will be required to drive the small dirt and concreate road to the starting point, which has parking for a max of five vehicles. In the unlikely event that we have more vehicles the extra ones can part at the temple car park on the main road and the hikers transfer to 4WD/pick ups. The hike should take about four to five hours and can be considered only moderately difficult. After the hike we will take refreshments in a Thai restaurant on the nearby hill on Samoeng Road, overlooking the American International School and the Hillsborough Country Hotel.

Hike leaders: S&M: (SRR and Tall Michael)

If you would like to come: Please check you have read the general guidance on this website (see tabs above) as well as this specific post. If you still think the hike is for you, just turn up at the stated time and place. Lifts in cars are usually available. Please offer your driver THB toward fuel costs etc.

Start time: 7:20 for a 7:30am start.

Meeting point: The open ground after the first traffic lights going south (towards Hang Dong) on Canal Road from its intersection with Suthep Road (just past the PTT station. See map below)    

Bring: as per standard advice, but – seeing as much of the hike is exposed and the weather is getting hotter – please especially note:

  • Plenty of water/isotonic drink
  • Hat
  • Sunblock

2021/02/21_Trip Report_Mystery Ridge

The monks and lay helpers at Wat Kio Tam, a sleepy Wat in the middle of nowhere, must have been amazed to be inundated by a large convoy of vehicles and humans descending on them from all points of the compass. Numbers were too much for the two pick-ups originally intended for the shuttle, so a third was pressed into service to help convey 23 hikers the 4km to the hike start point. Realistically this is the most vehicles that can be parked safely off-road at the take-off point.

Conditions were perfect for hiking. The weather was cool and pollution monitors were reading in the green zone.

The initial section of the hike flatters to deceive being more like a Sunday after-lunch stroll along the lovely Mae Wan stream, with bucolic views over flood plain and forest. Once the trail starts to climb, though, it keeps climbing. never overly steep but only occasionally flat and never down. The initial part of the climb up on to the ridge still offers panoramic views back over the Mae Wan Valley, but after turning right onto a forest trail following the ridge line no more views are to be had because of all the damned trees.

The thick layer of leaves and lack of those nasty little stones that have one roller-skating down any slight incline makes for pleasant underfoot conditions. An impromptu snack stop turned into an irresistible photo op and eventually, just as lunch time was approaching, some large rocks appeared from nowhere to make perfect picnic benches.

By this time the forest trail has broadened out into what must be intended for a firebreak.

Alas, though, as we approached the high-point of our hike, our trail deviated from this majestic highway onto an easily-overlooked small trail through thick undergrowth. Although this trail continues all the way through, it is not much used and is sometimes difficult to follow where blocked by fallen trees. Inevitably at one point the leaders managed to execute a perfect loop, which had the entirely unintended consequence of allowing the back-markers to catch up and meant the entire group emerged from the jungle onto the wide coffee road at the same time. The short hike back to Wat Kio Tam along Highway 1252 was enlivened by the sublime white flowers of the Dok Siew trees and these magnolia look-alikes.

This is a good hike for the descent-averse. Not only is the down much less than the up, but the cushion of dry leaves and lack of slippy stones makes for a relatively comfortable descent.

Home at last! A temple with all mod cons.

Having finished in a little under 5 hours, there was plenty of time to enjoy a cold drink and some hot food in Doi Saket on the way home.

Thanks to Oliver, Kissinger and Andrew for help with the car shuttle and to Andrew, Michael, Champ and Young-hee for photographs.

2021/02/21_Mystery Ridge

12 km long and with just under 1,000 meters of elevation gain. Expected duration around 5 hours. A pleasant hike without any unduly steep sections or other difficulties. However, a reasonable level of physical fitness is required given the combined length and elevation gain.

A new hike for the Sunday group on the opposite side of Highway 1252 from the Doi Lanka ridges. Note that the starting point for the hike is about 4 km along Highway 1252 from our finishing point at Wat Kio Tam. A car shuttle will be arranged between the two points.

Initially the hike follows north-west along a river valley for several km with little gain or loss of altitude. We will then take a turn to the north and climb steadily out of the valley on to a ridge line. This part of the hike has an open aspect with views over the Mae Hwan valley to the south. After reaching the ridge line we turn east and follow a steadily-rising forest trail to the high-point for the day at 1,388m. From here we descend to Wat Kio Tam and the awaiting vehicles. Those who dislike descents will be delighted to hear that we will be descending 250 meters less than we went up, due to Wat Kio Tam being at a higher elevation than the hike start point.

The trail near the high point is a little indistinct potentially necessitating some mild bushwhacking. We will make a couple of refreshment breaks at suitable spots en route according with progress.

Unfortunately I can’t find any photographs from when we explored this route last November. We will just have to create our own history.

For hungry and/or thirsty hikers there will be an option for late lunch at Leelawadee restaurant in Doi Saket.

Hike Organiser: Richard.

If you would like to attend: Please read the general information on this site, as well as this particular post. If you still think this hike is for you, then just turn up at the meeting place on the day and time. We car pool to the hike start point. We expect that car places will be available for those who need them, though we cannot absolutely guarantee this in advance.

From the meeting point we will follow Highway 118 for about 40km to the junction with Highway 1252, where we will turn right onto H 1252 heading south-east. After another 5km we will arrive at Wat Kio Tam on the right-hand side of H 1252 immediately after a sharp bend in the road. Here we will transfer into as few vehicles as possible for the 4km drive to the hike start point. The remaining vehicles will be parked at Wat Kio Tam, which will be the hike end point. Wat Kio Tam is blessed with changing rooms with (bucket) showers!

Meeting Point: in front of the SUSCO filling station on Highway 118 at 07.20 for a 07.30 departure.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is susco-21.png

Bring along:

  • Face mask.
  • At least 2 liters of drinking water/ rehydration drink.
  • Sun protection.
  • Snacks/ packed lunch.
  • Strong footwear with deep tread/ good grip and a hiking pole.
  • Lots of energy, team spirit and good humour.
  • Passengers please bring 100 Baht towards driver’s expenses and a change of shirt/ clothes.

2021/02/14_Report_Wat Chom Kitti loop

New hike, new leader, new meeting-point. 21 people made it to the Sansai Susco. Leader Champ made sure all drivers got the GPS location for our destination, but our convoy of about ten cars kept together pretty well anyway, and we rolled up together at the naga gateway to Wat Phrathat Chom Kitti.

Are these the longest nagas in Chiang Mai Province? Their corridor is nearly 400m long, the upper half having three hundred and seventy-something steps, all of which we climbed, to reach a majestic – if rather hazy – view from the temple platform.

Chief among the interesting things in the temple precincts was the giant Buddha in varada (boon-giving) pose. We indeed received a boon that day.

After our temple visit, the proper hiking began. And it, too, gave us a nice variety of scenes and sights.

An advantage of the relatively short hike was that it provided a comfortable opportunity for several people joining us for the first time, and several more old friends whom we haven’t seen for a while. Or was it the prospect of the barbecue party at the end that attracted the good turn-out? If so, the expectations were well satisfied.

It was a perfect aftermath. We are immensely grateful for this hospitality from Champ, M and M, and all the preparation they put in, not least for the hike itself. Six months after first joing us they are already CMH legends.

Reporting by Michael. Photos by Young-hee and Champ.

2021/02/14_Wat Chom Kitti loop

A new hike from a new leader! Champ and friends have found an interesting and fairly easy forest loop, taking in the very special Wat Chom Kitti. It is 9km, mostly on forest tracks, with elevation gain and loss of 200m. We expect it to take 3-4 hours. And at the end we are privileged to be invited to the home of Champ and M for a barbecue lunch. Bring your own drinks!

Leader: Champ

Meeting time and place: Meet at Susco fuel station Nhong Chom, Sansai (Google Maps calls it “Cusco”. Note that this is NOT our usual Susco on Route 118, but a Susco on the 1001) at 7.45am for an 8:00am departure.

From there we will drive in convoy about 20km to the hike start point

If you would like to come: Make sure you have read the general advice on this website as well as this specific post. If you still think the hike is for you then: welcome! Just turn up at the stated time and place. Onward lifts in cars are almost always available.

Bring: as per standard advice (see tabs above), plus especially note:

  • Mask for in-car use
  • Drink (may be non-isotonic) for the BBQ

2021/02/07_Report_Mon Jaem forest loop

A total of twelve people turned up for this hike. One hiker left early from the meeting point to drive out and investigate any potential new paths in the hike area  and see if we could extend our traditional loop hike. The remaining eleven began the hike in the car park/ market area, which now charges BT30 per car, just above Mon Jaem village. Although pollution readings were lower than expected the views at both viewing points were somewhat misty and not as impressive as our previous hike to this area last year.

About half way round the loop hike we met up with the other hiker, who had not had any success in extending our hike route. However, he joined up with the main group and further on did manage to walk an additional loop, which can be added to the existing hike route on the next outing. We finished this relatively easy hike in just over three hours and adjourned to The Between restaurant for food and refreshments. There was some confusion over the combined drinks order (the hike leader had wisely procured his beer separately and in person) but all was sorted out eventually, and an enjoyable lunch was had by all.

Hike leadership and reporting by SRR.

2021/02/07_Mon Jaem forest loop

This “old favourite” hike is normally a relatively easy one, along the forested ridges of Mon Jaem with (weather permitting) views to the north (Doi Chiang Dao) and south (Doi Pui). A new extension to the loop might be offered as a late option, depending on some last-minute reconnaissance.

The hike is mostly under forest shade. Formerly it was entirely on dirt tracks, but recently some sections have been made into (little-used) concrete road. There are a couple of modest hills and two good viewing points: a new one on a jetty platform (pictured above), and the old cliff-top one with the golden statue of the pre-Lanna king, Khun Wilangka). We will also meander through a small vineyard (no wine on sale, unfortunately) and through the small settlement of Mon Jaem towards the end of the hike. (Young-at-heart hikers will probably have the option of enjoying a box-cart ride down the long slope of dirt track just before the end point). The hike should take just three to four hours and afterwards we will retire for lunch at Between restaurant.

Meeting time: Sunday 7.45AM for an 8.00AM start. The car journey should take approx. 40 minutes.

Meeting Point: The car park bordering on Canal Road in front of (but not inside) the 700-Year Stadium complex.

If you want to come: Check that you have read the general conditions and advice on this website, as well at this particular post. If you still think the hike is for you, just turn up at the meeting time and place. Lifts in cars are almost always available although they cannot be absolutely guaranteed. Some drivers may request you wear a mask in the car, and some may restrict the number of passengers they carry. Please offer your driver a fuel contribution of THB 100.

Hike leader: SRR (with possible add-on by MM)