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17/10/22_700p to Doi Pha Kha loop

A local, lower-level hike with no long drive to/from a meeting place. Distance: 10 kms, up/down 800m, in about 4-5 hours, depending on group speed. Uphill for the first 2.5 hours, often steeply, then often steep and slippery on the long downhill too – no gym shoes, please. Check website after 06.30 on Sunday morning for possible weather update. All hikers are responsible for their own safety. No groups please. 

No porcupines at the falls

We cross the Porcupine Falls stream on the way back down.

Possible option to continue on up to Ban Khun Chiang Khian village for stronger hikers, if we have a second leader available. Extra 4kms and 200-300m elevation gain. Aftermath possibly at Nong Flook?

Meeting place: Meet at the small carpark (18º 50.235′ N, 98º 57.168′ E) just before the dam behind the 700p stadium (see map below) at 07.50 for 8am start.  From the stadium entrance traffic lights, go straight on, past the friendly, but sometimes inquisitive, gate guards (smile!) and straight on through the compound up the steepish hill to the meeting carpark.


Please bring:

  • at least 2 litres of water/rehydration drink
  • energy snacks and picnic
  • protection from sun/heat, rain/cold, insects
  • strong footwear with good grip and trekking poles/sticks recommended
  • lots of energy, enthusiasm, team spirit and good humour

17/10/15_Trip Report_Huay Tung Tao Circular

To rephrase Louis XV, après le déluge le hiking. Yet another illustration of why it is unwise to put much faith in Chiang Mai weather forecasts. After a week of showing Sunday as a brief window of sunshine in a run of dismal rainy days, it transpired that very little rain fell all week except on Sunday, when the heavens opened in the early hours and had only just closed again at hiking time. The huge amount of overnight rain turned babbling brooks into raging torrents and made for 4 challenging and damp stream crossings.



The turn-out of 20 hikers was pretty good given the wet conditions and promises of further rain.


In the event we benefitted from excellent bright but cool hiking weather. A few rumbles of thunder in the background but otherwise well-behaved. Conditions were a little muddy underfoot, but not so as to seriously inconvenience. Ideal, however, for the group of trial bikers who sped past us as we toiled up hill.


The back-of-the-envelope pre-hike parameter estimates turned out to be a little on the low side, with the final GPS-confirmed numbers being between 16 and 17 km in length and 650 meters of vertical elevation gain. Time taken just over 6 hours.

We then repaired to one of the establishments on the lake shore where we were able to congregate comfortably around two large tables and wind down in a relaxing and convivial atmosphere.

Thanks to Chan and Tom for the photographs.



17/10/15_Huay Tung Tao Circular Hike (a new one)

Today’s hike is on.

You are responsible for your own safety at all times. Please read the full hike description/requirements section and consider your preparedness.

Due to the Dark Age navigational techniques employed on the reconnaissance hike – no GPS, no compass and not even a map – the parameters for this hike are a little less precise than one has come to expect. However, having duly taken into account the position of moss growing on the trees and the conjunction of Mercury with Venus we are able to assert that the hike is no longer than 15 km (probably a little less) with about 500 meters of vertical elevation gain. Expected hike time between 5 and 6 hours including a snack break.

Apart from being a little longer than average there are no particular difficulties and a reasonable level of physical fitness should suffice. The hike is on dirt roads and well-marked trails throughout and there are no unduly steep sections. There are 4 significant stream crossings, so wet feet will be a given.

The hike passes through a mix of forest and agricultural area, with some nice views to the north in places.

At the end of the hike there will be an option to take lunch/refreshments in one of the restaurants surrounding the lake.

Hike leaders: Richard and Stephen

Meeting Place: 07.30 at Huay Tung Tao. At the far end of the reservoir. After entering through the barrier, turn right and continue along the reservoir to the far end where there is an extensive flat area opposite a large tree. The hike will start and end at this point.

Note that this hike will NOT start from the Standing Buddha. The map below is intended only as a guide for those not familiar with Huay Tung Tao. Once you reach  the reservoir please follow the directions given above.

There is an entry fee for non-Thais of TB 50 per person payable at the booth. The fee for Thai citizens is TB 20 per person.

If you want to join, just turn up at the meeting place on time. No need to let us know. No groups please and no unprepared hikers.


Map showing route out to standing Buddha from the moat

Please bring/prepare:

  • At least 2 liters of water/ rehydration drink.
  • A snack.
  • Sunhat, sunscreen, insect repellent, long sleeves/ pants, rainwear recommended.
  • Strong footwear with good grip and ankle support.
  • Plenty of energy, enthusiasm, team spirit and good humour.

17/10/08_Trip report_Dragon Peak loop

Fifteen hikers braved the early rain to share a morning coffee at the trailhead, waiting for the weather to improve. As the sky brightened, 10-minutes notice was given, but the rain increased again just as we set off, some with umbrellas, some covered in plastic, others seeming to prefer cooling rain to sweat. Occasional bursts of rain-related song were heard from various quarters.


A refreshing mix of regular hikers and newbies, from 10 countries, with a wide range of ages, sloshed uphill, but the weather relented before we got too soggy and we were presented with some atmospheric views as we climbed higher through the coffee plantations and fruit trees and then along the high ridge.


After a snack stop at the high point, the steep way down was even more slippery than usual after the rain and two hikers even managed somersaults as they slipped, one landing on, and bending, his trekking pole.




Baby dragon?

Song topics changed to include Jack and Jill (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jack_and_Jill_(nursery_rhyme) Some knees and toes also complained and one hiker finished the hike shoeless. Another decided not to wait for the group and to go exploring by himself (too much singing?), but he eventually joined us back at the coffee shop for lunch. Thanks to photographers and to all for good company.

Approximate stats: 9 kilometres, up/down 700m, 5 hours.


17/10/08_Dragon Peak loop

Dragon view

Dragon’s eye view

Sun 06.30 am update: it’s looking a little damp but let’s try and have a hike. See you at 07.20. Bring rain gear. 

 This is a volunteer-led hike and you are responsible for your own safety at all times. Please read the full hike description/requirements/dangers section and consider your preparedness.

This hike starts with a 2+hour uphill climb, up to the 1,500 m Dragon’s Peak.  We’ll take the first, steepest, section, quite slowly but it is quite a long high climb.  Parts of the subsequent 1-2-hour downhill section are quite steep and slippery, but the views through the shady ridge-top trees are usually worth the effort.  Overall hiking distance about 9 kms, but 700-800m of total elevation gain. Many junctions on the way up, so please stay together with the group.

Probably 4-5 hours, including snack stop. Aprés hike lunch in our regular cafe in the village.

Dragon's Den

Dragon’s Den*?

Meeting point:  We will meet at 07.20 am in front of Susco petrol station on H.118 (the road out to Doi Saket and Chiangrai, see map below) opposite Suzuki for an 07.30 am start.

We will share vehicles for a 45 mins drive, out along H.118, past Doi Saket, turn right onto H.3005 past the (closed) hot springs, and then left following the Mae Lai stream to our hike starting point at our regular coffee shop/restaurant in the area. Roadworks mean that we should minimise the number of vehicles we take.

If you want to join, just turn up at the meeting place on time. No need to let us know. Seats in cars not guaranteed. No groups please and no unprepared hikers.



Please bring/prepare:

  • at least 2 litres of water or rehydration drink, and energy snacks
  • strong legs & lungs for the climb up; sticks recommended for steep downhill
  • sunhat, suncreen, insect repellant, long sleeves/pants, rainwear recommended
  • strong footwear with good grip and ankle support
  • 100 baht for your driver and a change of shirt/clothes, if car-sharing
  • plenty of energy, enthusiasm, team spirit and good humour

* A zip wire operator, called Dragon Flight, operates in the area. No dragons were encountered on the exploration hike, though we did meet this relative:

Dragon baby


17/10/01_Trip Report_White Buddha Skyline Hike

Report by Keir

On the trip to Mae On we left one car at the White Buddha while 4 other cars went to the start point 10 km away to the north to begin the hike. The trek went from a corner on a road, along a ridge and back to the White Buddha. It was great fun except for the hornets, bees and cow manure.

There were some great views from high cliffs, and some thought it was the edge of the world…

… but some thought it was the end of the world.

[Insert photo of Michael surrounded by angry hornets – ed.]

There were 20 hikers in all and everyone had fun. Unfortunately I was the only kid and being the youngest, I was picked on to write this report but lucky for me, my dad helped me.

[Thanks very much, Keir and Keith! – ed.]


Stat from Chan:  Distance covered: 8.75 km.

Further photos:



17/10/01_White Buddha Skyline Hike

Hike is on, see you at the meeting point!

Please check the website at 06:30 on Sunday morning before leaving for the meet point. It might be canceled if there is heavy rain.

It’s only a few weeks since we last hiked near the White Buddha in Mae On District, but this is a different hike in the same area. It will be a relatively easy one and we can enjoy a spectacular view along the ridges. But there are lots of mosquitoes and Meng Vee flies, so you are advised to bring a good repellant. There is also a kind of grass which can produce allergic reactions, so we recommend long sleeves and long trousers. Also, there are many mushroom collectors’ trails and it is easy to get lost & follow the wrong trail into a steep sided ravine.  The group must keep together and stay behind the leaders.

We are going to leave several cars at the White Buddha which is on R1229, and then all the hikers head to a starting point which is 10 km from the White Buddha using the remaining cars. We park the cars at a starting point which is on R1230, and start the hike heading south, and get to the 3-way junction, and reach the White Buddha again as our hiking goal. The hike length is about 9km. and estimated walking time will be 4 hours.

Option : After the hiking, we will go to a local restaurant to have drinks and meals (you can eat excellent grilled beef). And then, those who wish can swim at the swimming pool of San Kampaeng hot springs. (Hot springs entrance fees are: Foreign tourists THB100; Foreign residents with Thai driving licence THB50; Thai adults THB40; Thai children for THB20.  Swimming pool fee THB50; Private bathing room THB60.)

Hike Leaders :  Monjiro and Chan

If you want to join : Just turn up at the meeting place on the day, on time. We cannot accommodate groups and cannot guarantee seats in cars (although they are almost always available). Well-behaved dogs are welcome on this hike, but not in the hot springs area. Please give 100 baht to your driver towards fuel costs if you need a lift, and bring a change of clothes for the return journey.

Meeting place and time : We will meet at 07:20 in front of Promenada Mall on R1317 (location marked “A” on the map below) and start on time at 07:30.

Advice: bring :

  • At least 2 liters water, snack, box lunch
  • good footwear, insect repellent, sunblock, and rain gear
  • hat is essential if the sun is out
  • change of clothes/plastic bag for muddy footwear for the return car journey,
  • energy, enthusiasm, team spirit and good humour
  • THB100 contribution for fuel etc if you are a passenger and something for any drinks/meal you buy
  • swimsuit, towel, change of clothes/footwear for hot springs and fee for the hot springs (if you choose the option).