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130421_Wat Kampaeng Hin to Doi Lanka Noi loop


This is quite a tough hike, with beautiful ridge views, around 11 kms round trip, but with about 900m of often VERY steep altitude gain and then similar very steep descent. A good level of fitness and agility is required, along with a good head for heights. We will take it at a moderate pace, with probably around 6-7 hours walking, plus lunch break, plus over an hour’s drive each way. All must keep up with the group to ensure a return well before sunset.

The views along the ridge, and towards Doi Lanka Luang (2022m, 6th highest peak in Thailand) on this hike are marvellous (if clear), but be warned that the first couple of kilometres involve fording Huai Mae Ton stream 14 times (!) and the second half of the uphill is very steep (+33%), partly on a very narrow path skirting steep cliffs, and needs a very good level of fitness and balance. The initial descent from the peak is even steeper (-50%) and requires hands to steady oneself (though no rock climbing). Anyone without a good head for heights should not join. Slips are quite common on the way down and the path can be quite overgrown in places. Thanks to HB for discovering the start of this route.

Down from the peak

Down from the peak

DLN loop altitude graph

DLN loop altitude graph

wk hin to dl noi blue loop

We will :

  • meet at the Doi Saket Bangjak petrol/gas station before 07.00 am and car-share about 40 kms to Wat Kampaeng Hin, at an altitude of around 1,000m.
  • hike 3 kms gently uphill (+250m, average +7%), fording a stream 14 times.
  • hike another 3 kms steeply up (+511m, av.+33%) to and along a ridge to Doi Lanka Noi peak, at 1,750m.
  • have lunch and explore the broad plateau and golden stupa (or rest ;-).
  • descend carefully down the very steep ‘goat track’ from the peak (av.-50%).
  • hike 1 km along a gently undulating ridge with beautiful views .
  • descend steeply (-35% for first 1km) down for 2 kms to Ban Mae Dton Luang village.
  • if time/desired, have a coffee/drink in the village corner shop.
  • walk the final 2 kms along the very quiet 1252 road back to the cars.

Hike Leader:

Mike B.

If you want to join

Just turn up at the meeting place on the day. If you need a lift to the meeting place, make a request below leaving contact details and suggesting a convenient meeting place. Drivers, please look out for hitching hikers (not hitchhikers?) along route 118 opposite the Isuzu showroom (see photo) just after the superhighway (route 11) junction, about 06.30.

Groups and dogs cannot be accommodated.

Meeting Place

We will meet before 07.00 am at the Doi Saket Bangjak petrol station (see map and google street view photo), on the 118 just after the Doi Saket 1007 junction and leave there promptly at 07.00, then…

  • Car-share in convoy past Doi Saket on the 118 road towards Chiangrai.
  • Turn right onto the 3005 rural road towards Mae Kampong/Flight of the Gibbon.
  • Turn left onto the 1252 road towards Ban Mae Dton Luang.
  • Turn left again at the Ban Mae Dton Luang junction and park two kms along the 1252, near Wat Kamphaeng Hin.
  • Start hiking by 08.00 am.

Please see the images below (click to enlarge them).

Driving Route

Meeting Map

Pick uppoint

bangjak petrol doi saket 118


Please bring :

  • at least 3-4 litres of water/rehydration drink, energy snacks and lunch
  • appropriate footwear (sandals for stream fording, boots for ascent/descent?)
  • sunhat, sunblock, and anti-leech measures
  • trekking pole(s) or stick recommended for steep uphills and descents
  • driving licence and up-to-date tax disc on vehicle – we were stopped at a checkpoint recently
  • lots of energy, enthusiasm, good humour and a sense of balance

10 Responses

  1. Hi, I’m Thai from bkk. I’m going to go to Chiangmai at 20/4/13 – 22/4/13 and I want to go to this trip. How I do?
    Thank you.

  2. Hi ‘Him’. Glad you might join us. If you’re sure you are fit enough for quite a tough all-day hike, just join us at the meeting place, as detailed above, the Bangjak petrol station at Doi Saket.

    • I stay in chiangmai now. I want to other way to contact you. Could you leave your contact or add my line id “himmu”.
      Thank you.

      • Sorry, Him, we don’t like to put our contact details on the Internet. How will you travel tomorrow? Do you need a lift to Doi Saket? Which part of town are you staying in?

      • Hi, Mike. I stay next to holiday inn hotel around Mengrai bridge.

  3. Wrong side of town for me, I’m afraid. Can anyone else help?
    I’ll look out for people opposite the Isuzu showroom when I pass about 06.30.

  4. I’m feeling a little under the weather, but just had lots of fruit and am going to bed early, and hope to be OK to lead tomorrow’s hike. Will update here just after 6am tomorrow morning if I need to cancel the hike. Sorry for any inconvenience. Fingers crossed.

  5. Kurt Keller (from Malee’s Guest House in Chiang Dao) has offered to try to lead this hike, instead of me. I’m afraid I’m sick and cannot come. Good luck and have fun! Mike.

    • Hi Mike,i hope you will recover soon. The hike today was the best i done. Wonderful nature and nice weather. I was a bit afraid at the goattrail from the top. But there is an new detour trail. We saw the trail att the mountain foot, we can use this next time.

      • Glad you enjoyed it Anders. Hope to see you all again very soon.

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