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130922_Trip Report_Three Waterfalls Hike.

Start  the hike.

Start the hike.

On Sunday morning 33 people gathered at our meeting place for an 8:30 am start. We left the Arboretum car park, walked along the street, passed the entrance to Chiang Mai Zoo, tuned left into the small village and started to ascend towards Huai Kaeo Waterfall. After we arrived on top of the first lookout, we stopped for a very short break to enjoy the view across an awaking Chiang Mai. We continued to climb up to Wang Bua Baan Waterfall , where we paused for around 15 minutes .

Wang Bua Baan Full.

Wang Bua Baan Full.

decided not to continue walking with us and therefore a reduced group of 31 hikers carried on  to cross the street and walk all the way up to Chang Kian Waterfall. Just before arriving there, around half of the group passed a rocky overhang and got chased and stung from a swarm of wasps, which encouraged the rest of the group to climb down an alternative path.


We had lunch for around 20 to 30 minutes at Chang Kian Waterfall and  some of us enjoyed a quick bath before the group split into two parts.



The Happy Group

The Happy Group

After some time , the two groups converged again and one of us fell down and injured a knee quite seriously. The Hike leader stayed with the injured lady and her partner, while Philipp offered to bring the group back to Arboretum car park. Anders was running ahead to take his car and help the lady with the injury as she had problems to walk. Total time of the hike was around 3 hours 50 minutes. Some of us enjoyed some food and cold beers at the entrance to Huai Kaeo Waterfall . Thanks to all of you for a nice Sunday morning tour and special thanks to Anders and Philipp for helping!!

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