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16/08/14_Crazy Horse to Sankamphaeng Hot Springs_Trip Report

A happy group of 14 hikers with 2 canine friends pose for photos before setting out with high expectations on the trek to San Kamphaeng Hot Springs. All but one of the vehicles had already been left at the Hot Springs and the drivers shuttled by pick-up to the impressive Crazy Horse Buttress where they joined up with the rest of the party.




The trail wound up through open forest and was easy to follow at this time of the year. The party maintained a brisk pace but with occasional stops to admire nature and take on water.




We were very lucky with the weather. The heavy overcast along with a breeze kept the temperature down, but allowed for some magnificent views with clouds over the highest peaks but a very sharp view over the valley and the lower slopes. Thankfully the rain stayed away.




Navigation was exactly on the button for most of the hike, with just one minor hiccup close to the end. The group all arrived together at the Hot Springs after 5 hours of very pleasant hiking.

It was then straight to the beer tent for some well-earned sustenance, with plenty of khao niew washed down by the amber liquid. Our canine friends had followed us faithfully all the way and were honoured by being conveyed back to their home at Crazy Horse by their very own personal chauffeur.



The group then proceeded into the Resort for a swim in the communal hot pool. There all the sweat and weariness of the day were washed away in the soothing warm mineral waters. Thanks to Chan and Tom, ably supported by Anders, for a beautiful day out.




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