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17/06/18_To Sankamphaeng Hot Springs from Crazy Horse

We last did this hike last August. It made for a satisfying day.

If there is heavy rain, we might cancel the hike. If we cancel, we will post a notice here by 06:30 on Sunday.

Warnings: Some parts of this hike are steep and stony or slippery. One trail section is narrow beside quite a steep drop. So this hike is not for those who lack a firm sense of balance. Use of proper hiking boots is strongly advised, and hiking poles are also advisable. Also, the trail is not well shaded, so it may be quite hot as well as humid.

An 11 km ridge walk, with good valley views, taking in a number of peaks (max. alt. 756m, min 342m), starting at Crazy Horse buttress near Muang On cave and finishing near Sankamphaeng hot springs so we can have a relaxing swim in the hot pool after the hike.



Estimated durations:

  • driving there and back: 2hrs
  • hiking: 5 hours
  • eating and bathing: 1.5+ hours

Therefore, don’t expect to get back to Chiang Mai before 16:00 unless you have your own vehicle and want to sacrifice the eating and bathing.


Hike Leaders: Monjiro & Mr A.

If you want to join:
Make sure you have read the general advice on this website as well as the specific hike details in this post. If you still think the hike is for you, just turn up at the meeting place on the day, on time. No need to inform us in advance. But we cannot accommodate groups. Seats in cars are usually available but cannot be guaranteed. Please give 100 baht to your driver towards fuel costs if you need a lift, and bring a change of clothes for the return journey. 

Meeting Place
We will meet at 07.20 in front of Promenada Mall on H.1317 (Point A on the map below).  At 07:30 we head straight out along the H.1317 Sankamphaeng Bypass past Ban On and leave some vehicles at the hot springs car park (GPS co-ords 18.8141802,99.229331), before returning to the Crazy Horse buttress area behind Muang On cave hill.


Promenada map

Please bring:

  • at least 2 litres of water/re-hydration drink
  • packed brunch/snacks
  • proper hiking boots. Hiking poles recommended
  • sunhat, rainwear
  • sunblock, insect repellent may be useful
  • energy, enthusiasm, team spirit and good humour.
  • swimsuit, towel for bathing at hot springs
  • change of clothes/footwear for in-car niceness on return journey
  • 100 Baht contribution for car fuel if you are a passenger
  • 100 Baht (approx) for entry fees to Hot Springs and bathing facilities
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