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  • Hike descriptions may be posted at short notice. So it may be worth checking the website frequently.
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17/07/23_Doi Ton short loop hike

If there is heavy rain, we might cancel the hike. If we cancel, we will post a notice here by 06:30 on Sunday.

In the middle of the rainy season, we offer a short hike in Doi Ton area. The peak altitude of this mountain is only 820m  but the view from the top will be an unforgettable memory if the weather is fine.  We leave from beside the reservoir and start a steep climb, but it is a good trail.  We will walk to the south after getting to the top of the mountain, and then turn toward the starting point.

Total time is about 4 hours.  Hike length about 7.8km.  You can get back to the city center by 13:00  if you don’t choose the “option”.

Option : After the hiking, we will go to a restaurant which is outside San Kampaeng hot springs to have refreshments. And then, those who wish can swim at the swimming pool of San Kampaeng hot springs. (Hot springs entrance fees are: Foreign tourists for THB100, Foreign residents with Thai driving licence for THB50, Thai adults for THB40, Thai children for THB20.  Swimming pool fee for THB50, Private bathing room for THB60.)

Hike Leaders:  Monjiro and Chan

If you want to join: just turn up at the meeting place on the day, on time. We cannot accommodate groups and cannot absolutely guarantee seats in cars. Well-behaved dogs are welcome on the hike, but not in the hot springs area. Please give 100 baht to your driver towards fuel costs if you need a lift, and bring a change of clothes for the return journey.

Meeting Place

We will meet at 07:20 in front of Promenada Mall on R1317 (location marked “A” on the map below) and start on time at 07:30.  We head straight out along the R1317 and move onto Huay Lan reservoir.

Please bring:
•At least 2 liters of water,
•good footwear, hiking poles,
•hat, rain wear,
•insect repellent, sun-block if you are sensitive,
•change of clothes/plastic bag for muddy footwear for the return car journey,
•energy, team spirit, enthusiasm and a good sense of humour,
•THB100 if you are a passenger and something for any drinks/meal you buy afterwards.
•swimsuit, towel, change of clothes/footwear for hot springs (if you choose the option)

17/07/09_Huai Ka valley hike

This Sunday we have a new fresh hike to offer. We did the exploration in the dry season this year, so we presume it will be green and nice now. The hike will start in a lovely small village (?school) named Rongrian Ban Pang Daeng, at super high way 118, a 40 minutes’ drive from Chiang Mai. We will hike upstream along a river named Huai ka to the end of the narrow valley. Here we have to climb up to the ridge. A climb of 350 meter during 2 km, up to 977 m elevation. From here we will hike down on another ridge, back to the valley. Estimated time about 6 hours.  A moderate hike everyone can do.


0730 outside Central festival on the 118 road, opposite Isuzu showroom. See map below.

Meeting place

If you would like to join: just turn up at the meeting place. No need to inform us in advance. Lifts in cars are almost always available, but cannot be guaranteed. Please offer your driver THB 100 for fuel etc.

Read the general information in the tabs above for guidance on what to bring etc.

Hike leaders: Chan and Monjiro. (Arnie, who researched and planned the hike, has become ill with a tooth infection. We wish him a good recovery.)


17/07/02 Alternative hikes this Sunday

This Sunday, two people have planned to lead hikes. Please scroll down to see the next two items in the feed.

17/07/02 Easy Sunday Hike to Wat Palad and Wat Doi Suthep

At Wat Palad

Here is a hike which is adaptable for beginners or for those wanting something a little harder. We will meet at the “west end” of Suthep at 7:45 for an 8 o’clock start. (The “west end” is a junction where the continuation of Suthep Road starts to climb sharply uphill. See map below.) Those who want an easy hike can do the walk to Wat Palat and then return.  Those wanting more exercise can continue up to Wat Doi Suthep by the steepest route up there. Those who chose this option will then need to return by the same route. Although it is possible to catch a song tao back down, if you have left a car or bike at the starting point on Suthep  Rd, you will need to get there from the Arboretum.

Those who make it to Wat Doi Suthep will have the option of having lunch there.

Bring  at least a liter of water and snacks, good boots, rain gear, money and good energy and humor. No need to let us know, just be at the meeting point on time. No groups, please. Leader, Janet

Suthep Rd meeting place – detailed map


17/06/25 Mae Win Huai Hoi Waterfall Loop

17/06/25 0620 – Today’s hike is on but there could be some rain 

As the rainy season is upon us check this webpage on Sunday morning, after 0630, for an update as the hike may be changed, or cancelled, at short notice.

This Sunday’s hike takes us south of Chiang Mai to Mae Win and a loop that was last done over 2 years ago.  Starting and finishing at Wat Matchimaram the hike follows trails through farm land up into light forest and, at about the half way point, joins a trail at Huai Hoi waterfall and then follows the Nam Mae Puai for about 4kms before we cross it (you will get wet feet here) and take a dirt road through farmland back to the Wat.

The hike is about 13km and has a total ascent of about 500mtrs.  There are 2 reasonably steep sections of a few hundred metres each but, apart from that, the hike is not strenuous and there is the opportunity to cool off half way round at the waterfall.  The hike should take under 6hrs but that is dependent on how long is spent at the waterfall.

In addition to strong boots, etc., insect repellent is essential, sun block highly recommended as some of the hike is in open land.

Hike leaders:  Tom & PGB

If you want to join: Read the general advice on this website as well as the specific details in this post. If you still think the hike is for you, just turn up at the meeting place on the day and on time. We cannot accommodate groups. Passenger places are usually available in car-pooling but cannot be guaranteed.  If you are a passenger, please contribute 100Bht to your driver for fuel etc.

Meeting Point & Time.
We will meet at 07:20 for 07:30 start at the open area, just past the PTT gas station, when driving southwards on Canal Road from the Suthep Road junction.

Please bring: In addition to “Things to bring” tab
at least 2-3 litres of water/rehydration drink
energy snacks/picnic lunch
protection from sun, rain, insects, spiky/itchy vegetation
for passengers: 100 baht towards fuel costs and a change of clothes, footwear
lots of energy, enthusiasm and a good sense of humour

17/06/18_Trip report_To Sankamphaeng Hot Springs from Crazy Horse

21 hikers gathered at the starting point and started the hike at 8:30 together with two dogs belonging to a shop owner at the starting point.  Wonderful weather welcomed the hikers though it is rainy season currently.

Unluckily, an ant bit Monjiro’s crotch when he was waiting for the slow group at the junction. Ouch!!

We continued hiking while taking a rest about every 30 minutes. After having lunch and beginning to go down the mountain, P’s shoes were completely broken and Arnie fixed them with packing tape temporarily.

It did not rain during the hiking but it was a very hot day and we were very sweaty. After we got to the hot spring, S took the two dogs back to their home by a car, and then we had refresfment at a restaurant. Seven hikers enjoyed bathing at the hot springs after that.

The distance of the hike was 11.7km and it took 4 hours 10 minutes. Thanks to everybody who cooperated in making the hike.

Hike leadership by Monjiro and Arnie. Report by Monjiro.




17/06/18_To Sankamphaeng Hot Springs from Crazy Horse

We last did this hike last August. It made for a satisfying day.

If there is heavy rain, we might cancel the hike. If we cancel, we will post a notice here by 06:30 on Sunday.

Warnings: Some parts of this hike are steep and stony or slippery. One trail section is narrow beside quite a steep drop. So this hike is not for those who lack a firm sense of balance. Use of proper hiking boots is strongly advised, and hiking poles are also advisable. Also, the trail is not well shaded, so it may be quite hot as well as humid.

An 11 km ridge walk, with good valley views, taking in a number of peaks (max. alt. 756m, min 342m), starting at Crazy Horse buttress near Muang On cave and finishing near Sankamphaeng hot springs so we can have a relaxing swim in the hot pool after the hike.



Estimated durations:

  • driving there and back: 2hrs
  • hiking: 5 hours
  • eating and bathing: 1.5+ hours

Therefore, don’t expect to get back to Chiang Mai before 16:00 unless you have your own vehicle and want to sacrifice the eating and bathing.


Hike Leaders: Monjiro & Mr A.

If you want to join:
Make sure you have read the general advice on this website as well as the specific hike details in this post. If you still think the hike is for you, just turn up at the meeting place on the day, on time. No need to inform us in advance. But we cannot accommodate groups. Seats in cars are usually available but cannot be guaranteed. Please give 100 baht to your driver towards fuel costs if you need a lift, and bring a change of clothes for the return journey. 

Meeting Place
We will meet at 07.20 in front of Promenada Mall on H.1317 (Point A on the map below).  At 07:30 we head straight out along the H.1317 Sankamphaeng Bypass past Ban On and leave some vehicles at the hot springs car park (GPS co-ords 18.8141802,99.229331), before returning to the Crazy Horse buttress area behind Muang On cave hill.


Promenada map

Please bring:

  • at least 2 litres of water/re-hydration drink
  • packed brunch/snacks
  • proper hiking boots. Hiking poles recommended
  • sunhat, rainwear
  • sunblock, insect repellent may be useful
  • energy, enthusiasm, team spirit and good humour.
  • swimsuit, towel for bathing at hot springs
  • change of clothes/footwear for in-car niceness on return journey
  • 100 Baht contribution for car fuel if you are a passenger
  • 100 Baht (approx) for entry fees to Hot Springs and bathing facilities