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17/05/28_Wieng Kum Kam and McKean Island loop

Wat Chedi Liem, Wieng Kum Kam. Photo by ​wikipedia user KayEss, CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=4407065

The current rainy spell has made hill hiking less attractive this week. So here’s a novelty for us: a hike through historic suburbs of Chiang Mai. It is largely road-walking, but the roads are very quiet rural-style ones with a lot of beautiful and interesting things around them.

It begins from a point south of where Mahidol Rd goes over the Ping river (see more exact directions below). We will cross the river on foot over the sluice gates into the Wieng Kum Kam area, ramble among its ancient ruined temples, and then go further south into the island area of the McKean Rehabilitation Centre. Looping back, we exit the island by a small bridge over the Ping, near to Wat Ko Klang, and from there make our way back toward Wat Pa Daet, near to our starting point, and where we can take refreshment in a village eatery.

It is all on the flat, so an easy hike. Probably about 10km walking distance. The time taken will depend on how much people want to linger at the various interesting points, but the hike leader undertakes to get back to Wat Pa Daet by noon.

Hike leader: Michael M

Meeting Point: Outside the 7-11 store which is on the 4032 riverside road, slightly over one km south of the point where this road connects with the 1141 (Mahidol Rd, sometimes known as Airport Rd) and where the 1141 crosses the Ping River.

There is room for parking in front of the store, or in vacant ground at the side or behind the block where the store is.

Meeting time: 07:30am. We will start walking promptly at 07.40am.

If you want to join: Just turn up on time. There is no need to tell us you are coming. But we cannot absorb groups.


  • Walking shoes. Trainers are okay for this hike. Boots not necessary.
  • Fairly civilized clothing, e.g. long pants. This is not a hike in the woods. We will be around temples and in people’s neighbourhoods much of the time.
  • Rain gear. Umbrella may be useful!
  • Hat and sunblock may also be useful.
  • About one litre of water, or else be ready to buy water etc at shops en route. Same thing re snacks.
  • Team spirit, good humour.

2017/05/21 (a) EASIER HIKE: Three waterfalls loop

At Chang Khian waterfall


Two different hikes are planned for this Sunday. For the tougher out-of-town one, scroll down to the next post.

In the Three Waterfalls Loop, the first two of the waterfalls are ones we pass by on the way to the main one, Chang Khian. With all the rain we have had recently there should be something of beauty to see. We will meet at the Arboretum parking lot (see maps below) at 7:30 and leave by 7:45, walking up along side the road to Huay Kaew waterfall, continue on up along the stream, under the cliffs at Pa Nguep waterfall, and a bit farther along cross the road and follow a trail to Chan Khian waterfall. There we can enjoy out picnic lunches and perhaps those who choose to do so will go in the water. After lunch we will hike down to Chang Khian area and from there back to the arboretum. Estimated time, including the lunch break, 4-4 1/2 hours.

Things to bring: at least 1 1/2 liters water, pack lunch, good shoes, raincoat, hiking poles if you use them, dry clothes to change into if you plan to go in the water, energy, enthusiasm and good humor.

No need to let us know you are coming, just show up at the meeting point on time.

Hike leader: Janet


Maps for meeting-place:



2017/05/21 (b) HARDER HIKE: Doi Lang Lo Loop


The hike will commence beside the Mae Pha Haen reservoir, about twenty five minutes drive from the meeting point. After one kilometre of flat paths we will ascend a series of steep ridges. We will then climb up a five metre rock outcrop which, although not difficult, has a drop on one side so a guide rope will be provided. We will have lunch at a spot 100 metres down from the summit with good views, on a clear day, of the CM countryside. We will hike down a series of ridges, ending with a relatively flat 3km walk back to the cars. Please note that if you have difficulties with steep slopes or a fear of heights then this hike is not for you. In the event of heavy rain the hike may be cancelled – please consult the website at 7am on Sunday morning. The hike should take 4-5 hours and could be considered moderate to reasonably strenuous. After the hike we will retire to San Kampaeng hot springs for refreshments/swim.



Hike Leaders:  S and Monjiro

If you want to join:
If you want to join: just turn up at the meeting place on the day, on time. We cannot accommodate groups. Seats in cars are usually available but cannot be guaranteed.

Meeting Place
Meeting Place: We will meet at 07:45 in front of Promenada Mall on R1317 (location marked “A” on the map below) and start on time at 08:00.  We head straight out along the R1317 and move onto Mae Pha Haen reservoir.


Promenada map

Please bring:

  • As per usual advice but especially:
  • good footwear and essential
  • hat is essential if the sun is out
  • change of clothes/plastic bag for muddy footwear for the return car journey,
  • THB100 contribution for fuel etc if you are a passenger, about THB 100 for hot springs, and something for any drinks/meal you buy.
  • swimsuit, towel, change of clothes/footwear for hot springs (if you choose the option)



17/05/14_Trip report_Wat Chom Khiri Loop


After a long and narrowly-winding but beautiful drive, 21 hikers gathered at the starting point at 08:50 and then started climbing at 09:05. The vegetation had grown in the first 1km and the character of the path was very different from two months ago. The first group stopped many times to wait for the slow group but this is Sunday hiking and all the hikers must cooperate.



We took a break at the junction where the descent from the mountain begins. Almost all the hikers were hungry even though it was only 10:30. Unluckily, Monjiro was stung by wasps but it got better quickly after applying P’s medicine. Thanks P.



We restarted the hike at 10:55 after taking a fairly long break. 10 minutes later, intense rain began but diminished greatly after about 10 minutes. The rain started again an hour later, but it was not so such a downpour this time.



The first group got to the goal point at 12:50, and all the hikers had finished the hike by 13:05. We went to a nearby restaurant to have refreshments. Thanks to everybody who cooperated in making the hike.


Hike leadership by Arnie the Viking and Monjiro the Samurai
Report by Monjiro, edited by Michael Bigboots
Photos by Andr…, J… and Monjiro.


17/05/14_ Wat Chom Khiri Loop

This Sunday we will start our hike high, at an altitude of 1083 m, and walk higher, up to 1508 m. But do not worry an easy ridge loop with soft uphill and soft downhill. Estimated hike time is about 4 hours. Refreshments available after the hike at the zip line company.
Leaders: A & M
Meeting point:

07.20 for a 07.30 departure. The Susco petrol station, opposite Suzuki car showroom. From the city centre, head NE along Kaew Nawarat Rd towards Central Festival, past H.11 superhighway, middle ring road and Sansai Noi (Sam Yaek) market traffic lights, and continue 400m straight on the CM-Doi Saket-Rd, H.118 towards Chiang Rai. On left.

Fuel, toilets and convenience store available. If leaving a vehicle here, please park considerately, away from the store front. Seats in vehicles cannot be guaranteed. We’ll drive out for about 55 mins from the meeting point to the trailhead.

Please bring:
• at least 2-3 litres of water/rehydration drink, snacks, and picnic lunch.
• sun protection, strong footwear, long sleeves/trousers to stop stings, bites and thorns.
• plenty of energy, enthusiasm, team spirit and good humour.
• 100 baht for your driver if you are a passenger. Change of clothes recommended.

17/05/07_Upnodown hike


Photo: Mrs S

No rain yet where I am. Let’s go ahead. Cloudy with a chance of Pat Kaprao later on. But be ready for rain later too.  

Especially for knees which do not appreciate long downhill sections, we have a special hike which goes up (a lot) but does not come down (much). Some vehicle shuffling (4-5 kms) will therefore be necessary pre/post hike.

The Weds explorers tried to make a hike in a different direction this week but that area (Mae Win) is too hot for this season so we’re back along H.118 again, on the ridge between the hike two weeks ago and Doi Mot, but with no overlap. We’ll start low (700m) but reach 1400m elevation with cool breezes (but also the risk of thunderstorms). Good views possible, air/weather conditions permitting. Total stats: about 8.5 kms, up 800m but down only 250m. Maybe 5-6 hours with breaks?

We wondered about a picnic at the high endpoint (1100m, Ghost Village) but the weather forecast suggests not, so probably calendar girls or Wat Pang Faen restaurant afterwards.

Leaders: Mike, PGB

Meeting point: <18°48’48.69″ N  99°01’52.92″ E>

07.20 for a 07.30 departure. The Susco petrol station, opposite Suzuki car showroom.  From the city centre, head NE along Kaew Nawarat Rd towards Central Festival, past H.11 superhighway, middle ring road and Sansai Noi (Sam Yaek) market traffic lights, and continue 400m straight on the CM-Doi Saket-Rd, H.118 towards Chiang Rai. On left.

Fuel, toilets and convenience store available.  If leaving a vehicle here, please park considerately, away from the store front. Seats in vehicles cannot be guaranteed. We’ll drive out for about 45 mins from the meeting point to the trailhead at Ban Doi.


Please bring:
• at least 2-3 litres of water/rehydration drink, snacks, and picnic lunch.
• sun protection, strong footwear, long sleeves/trousers to stop stings, bites and thorns.
plenty of energy, enthusiasm, team spirit and good humour.
• 100 baht for your driver if you are a passenger. Change of clothes recommended.

17/04/30_Trip report_Doi Suthep and Bhuping Palace circular hike

Group photo at the ancient ruined temple of San Ku

Gathering at the Arboretum, 18 hikers enjoyed a blessedly clear view of the mountain, rainstorms in the previous two days having greatly cleared the air. After driving to the Wat Doi Suthep carpark we began hiking at about 8am. The forest air was clean, the temperature moderate, and the ground pleasantly moist after the rain.


Corner of palace compound. Photo by Chan

After reaching the Bhuping Palace compound, and completing the stiff climb to the top corner, we made a small diversion in order to enjoy our packed snacks at the ancient ruined temple of San Ku. We then descended to the public viewpoint near the shops outside the palace gates. The view was worthwhile though still fairly hazy.

At the viewpoint. Photo by Chan

The easy return to the Wat Doi Suthep shops area was done largely along a trailbike route and via a campsite (neither of which seemed to have been maintained in the last year or two), and then past the St Louis Catholic mountain retreat centre. Most of the hikers lingered at our usual restaurant afterwards for further refreshments.

Apres-hike. Photo by Chan

Hiking time was about 4 hours and 45 minutes, covering 11km. Martha took some great nature photos during the hike (see some of them below). Many thanks to Chan for his leadership.

Photo by Martha

Photo by Martha

Photo by Martha

Photo by Martha