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2018/11/25_Huay Tung Tao – Mae Nai loop hike

Personal strongman lifts over swollen streams are unlikely to be needed this time

This is the traditional HTT/Mae Nai loop but in the opposite direction, which we did four months ago. This means there will be a bracing hill climb (on a dirt road) at the beginning. But overall this 16km hike is relatively easy and on dirt roads and well defined paths and with some 700m in elevation. There are two viewing points and we aim to have a lunch break at the second. A buffalo corral (sometimes occupied) half way around the loop may prove to be of interest to the bovine minded. The hike should take between five to six hours and afterwards we will regroup in one of the lakeside restaurants for refreshments.

Hike leader: SRR

Meeting Place and time: 7.30AM at Huay Tung Tao at the far end of the reservoir. After passing the ticket booth turn right and continue along the reservoir to the far end where there is an open flat area opposite a large tree.


2018/11/18_Report_Wat Phra Puttabhat Si Roi variation

This lovely woodland hike was attended by 16. The drive each way took more than an hour, but the beautiful scenery compensated for the time spent in the car.

The path was mostly clear but surrounded by high grass or other vegetation. A memorable incident was coming across a figure in camoflage carrying a large black gun. Happily, it retreated before our oncoming platoon, and when we encountered the main force, the guns and battledress were combined with smiling faces and a family picnic atmosphere. The group seemed to be on an adventure outing from the nearby resort, at the end of our trail.

A few of our hikers had driven directly to the hike’s start-point, which meant that the car left at the finish-point was insufficient to transport all the drivers back to their vehicles in a single trip. One of the culprits cheerfully performed a second rotation, but it meant that our vehicles got separated for a period after the hike, when many of us went to visit a nearby waterfall (Sai Mok?).

However, all of us (except for the shy hike leader) managed to reassemble at a very satisfactory restaurant, about 5km homeward bound from the waterfall, for the traditional community refreshment session.

The leader’s GE-corrected GPS figures say 9.8 kms, up 501m, down 790m (more or less as advertised) in 4 hrs 18 mins.


Report by Michael. Photos by Tom and Michael. Hike leadership by MikeHike


18/11/18_Wat Phra Puttabhat Si Roi variation

There are rumours of another marathon at our meeting place at 700p this weekend but I can’t find any confirmation. If we find problems there at 07.20 tomorrow, let’s all move on to meet at the Esso station on the Mae Rim road instead about 07.30-ish. All hikers remain responsible for their own safety at all times. Please don’t repost on social media. 

We have made a reverse (of our previous, April 2016) loop from the famous meditation, Buddha Footprint, temple of Wat Phra Puttabhat Si Roi (c.1,000m), passing near the peaks of Doi San Jon (Chon) at 1,425m and Doi Pha Dam (1,366m), and then following a ‘new’ ridge down to meet the road near a smart resort (c.750m).


Photo credit: Medi.

The first hour and a half will be mostly quite steeply uphill and there is one section of very steep, slippery, overgrown, uphill towards the first main peak. Mostly shady trails with excellent cooling breezes higher up (on the exploration, at least). Some indistinct trails at times on the ridge down. Approx. 10 kms, up 500m, down 800m. Total hike time probably 5 hours, including a short lunch stop.


Some hikers may wish to visit the nearby Saimork waterfall after the hike, where bathing is possible. Bring appropriate swimwear, towel and change of clothes for the trip home and agree itinerary between drivers and passengers.

No groups please; no guarantee of seats in vehicles. No need to let us know you are planning to join us.

Meeting place: <18° 50.408′ N  98° 57.891′ E> In front of (not inside) the 700 year stadium complex on the irrigation canal road (H.121) at 07.20 for an 07.30 start. We will car share for about 1 hour: N through Mae Rim, past PTIS (Prem) school and then turn W into the hills on the well-signposted roads to the temple, which has a large carpark <19° 1.069′ N  98° 45.782′ E>, as well as toilets. We will drop some vehicles on the way up to the temple, the exact details depending on hiker and vehicle numbers.


Please bring:

  • at least 2 litres of water/rehydration drink
  • energy snacks and picnic lunch
  • protection from sun, insects, spiky/itchy vegetation
  • trekking pole/stick and deep tread footwear for steep slippery up/downhill
  • for passengers: 100 baht towards fuel costs and a change of shirt/clothes
  • consider swimwear and towel if planning to visit the waterfall.
  • lots of energy, enthusiasm, team spirit and a good sense of humour

2018/11/11_Trip report_Doi Mai Mee Cheu

11 started, 11 finished about 5.5hrs later and where they went in-between was a mystery (to some at least) but it did entail hiking about 14.5kms and ascending 950mtrs. The post-hike ritual was less of a mystery though and enjoyed by all.

No name (mountain), no view (from the top), no rain (on the hike), no photos (I’m afraid).   Think we broke the record for the proportion of Canadians on a group hike.

2018/11/11_Doi Mai Mee Cheu

Sunday 06.30 update: let’s go, but be ready for rain later in the day! Hikers are responsible for their own safety at all times. 

We’ve done variations on this old ‘mystery hike’ a couple of times before. We’ll go both up and back down this time (to avoid car shuffling through the dusty/dangerous roadworks at Kha Moo Phuket junction).  Let’s see if anyone notices that we’re not doing a loop.


See graph of one way below. We’ll probably hike about 6 hours or so, including lunch/breaks. Occasional narrow paths over steep drops. Some loose, stoney ground. Mostly well-shaded, clear trails throughout. Up 900m, then down 900m, in approx. 14 kms. Mostly gentle uphill after the first steep 1 km (+300m) or so.

Screenshot 2018-11-09 at 08.26.49

So, up this but then also back down it again.

M hotway

It’s greener and mostly shadier than this at the moment!

Meeting point: <18°48’48.69″ N  99°01’52.92″ E>

Meet 07.20 for a 07.30 start. Immediately after the Susco petrol station, opposite Suzuki car showroom.  From the city centre, head NE along Kaew Nawarat Rd towards Central Festival shopping mall, past H.11 superhighway, then middle ring road and Sansai Noi (Sam Yaek) market traffic lights, and continue 400m straight on the CM-Doi Saket-Rd, H.118 towards Chiang Rai. It’s on the left. Fuel, toilets and convenience store available.  Please park considerately, just after the petrol station. Seats in vehicles not guaranteed. No groups please. No need to let us know you are coming.

We will regroup into the smallest number of vehicles then drive about 40 minutes to the trailhead, where parking is limited.


Please bring:

  • at least 2-3 litres of water/rehydration drink
  • energy snacks/picnic lunch
  • protection from sun, rain, insects, spiky/itchy vegetation
  • Strong knees and/or trekking sticks for the long descent. Strong lungs for uphill.
  • for passengers: 100 baht towards fuel costs and a change of clothes, footwear
  • lots of energy, enthusiasm and a good sense of humour

2018/11/04_Report_Doi Lang Lo Loop

A total of nine hikers (including hike leader), with some newbies and one returnee, turned up for this now biannual mountain hike. With a small group and the temperature in the low 20s we made good progress and reached the summit just before the two hour mark. Unfortunately with some haze the views were good rather than spectacular but everyone enjoyed the scenery over a relaxed lunch. The descend was uneventful with no wrong turns or falls and the small group reached the car park at close to 1AM, to give a total hike time of four and a half hours. At the small shop/restaurant where we stopped for refreshments on the way back, the hikers were treated to the unusual sight of the hike leader, assisted by Chan, trying to buy a Guinea Fowl from one of the villagers. Said bird was eventually purchased, prepared and presented to the hike leader by a couple of bemused villagers.

Report and leadership by SRR, Photos by Chan

2018/11/04_Doi Lang Lo Loop

Reminder: hikers remain responsible for their own safety and actions at all times

The hike will commence beside the Mae Pha Han reservoir, a twenty minute drive from the meeting point. After one km of flat paths we will ascend a series of ridges. Near the summit we will climb up a small rock outcrop (10ft) which, although not difficult, has a drop off on one side so a guide rope will be provided. The eating of our packed lunches will be at a viewing spot on the other side of the summit with good views, weather permitting, of the CM countryside. We will then descend a series of ridges, ending in a relatively flat three km walk back to the starting point. The hike should take between four to five hours and should be considered fairly strenuous with a number of steep slopes. If you have uncertain balance or a fear of heights this hike is not for you. After the hike we will stop off at a small shop/restaurant (noodles only) for refreshments.

Hike leader: SRR

If you want to join: just turn up at the meeting place on the day, on time. We cannot accommodate groups. Seats in cars are usually available but cannot be guaranteed.

Meeting Place
Meeting Place: We will meet at 07:45 in front of Promenada Mall on R1317 (location marked “A” on the map below) and start on time at 08:00.  We head straight out along the R1317 and move onto Mae Pha Haen reservoir.


Promenada map

Please bring:

As per usual advice but especially:

  • good footwear is essential
  • hat is essential if the sun is out
  • change of clothes for the return car journey,
  • THB100 contribution for fuel etc if you are a passenger, and something for any drinks/meal you buy.