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  • On this website some experienced Chiang Mai hikers post open invitations to join their hikes in the area.
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  • Hike descriptions may be posted at short notice. So it may be worth checking the website frequently.
  • Hikes may be cancelled or varied at short notice due to weather conditions or other factors. So it is advisable to check the website beforehand on the day of the hike.
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2021/06/27_Huay Tung Tao / Mae Nai loop hike

This is one of our regular hikes on the local mountain. It passes through forest and highland agriculture land and ends at a lakeside restaurant in Huay Tung Tao park.

The main hike is 14km, and there is some 700m elevation gain/loss, but the going is relatively easy, being on dirt roads and well defined paths. There are two viewing points and we aim to have a lunch break at the second. A buffalo corral (sometimes occupied) half way around the loop may prove to be of interest to the bovine minded. The hike should take five to six hours with breaks. Extra time at the end for meal and drinks at a lakeside restaurant.

Hike leader: SRR

Meeting place and time: 7.30am at Huay Tung Tao at the far end of the reservoir. After passing the ticket booth (where you may need to pay THB 50 if you are non-Thai) turn right and continue along the reservoir. When you reach the end of the lake, do NOT turn left to towards the straw animal sculptures, but continue straight ahead along the new road for 1km (there is a sharp left bend in the middle) until you reach the National Park checkpoint. There is a small carpark with limited space. If it is full, just go back a little and park by the side of the road. Co-ordinates: 18.872,98.930.

If you want to join: Please be sure you have read the general advice on this website (see tabs above) as well as this specific post. If you still think the hike is for you, then just turn up at the stated place and time. No groups please.


2021/06/20_Trip Report_Foggy Sea View

On the basis that one picture is worth 1,000 words, a pictorial tome recording the exploits of a healthy number of suitably spaced-out hikers enjoying a sunny day out in the fresh air.

Competition for Giant Tree coffee shop? The First Customer
While in the tree next door …..
Faded glory
A big hit with the ladies

2021/06/20_Foggy Sea View (Phu Talay Mork)

This is a relatively easy hike of distance around 10km and total elevation gain less than 500 meters. Since the entire hike is close to a ridge line the “ups” come in short, sometimes steep, segments and there are no protracted climbs or difficult descents. The entire hike is along well-marked trails or quiet country roads.

Total hike time should be between 3 1/2 and 4 hours, including a snack break. This will not be an extreme work-out, but an exercise in quiet contemplation and appreciation of the natural world, during which we will reap the benefit of the several wonders on offer, which include:

The locally famous views west towards Samoeng which, though lacking the eponymous “foggy sea” during the wet season, should at least be clear.


Nice views to the east over Mon Chaem and the Mae Sa Valley.

Abandoned resorts. This one previously a good location for our snack break, but possibly too rickety now.


Luxury villas. Lifestyles of the rich and famous Thai-style.


And a huge old tree.


A couple of points to be aware of:

For a short section the trail passes through head-high grass. If it has rained recently we will get soaked from head to toe.

In places the trail is exposed to the sun. Hats and sun screen recommended.

We should finish this hike about noon. There is a tried and trusted restaurant on the way home for those interested in post-hike refreshments.

Meeting Point and Directions:

We will meet at the parking lot in front of the 700-year Sports Stadium on Canal Road (Highway 121) for a 07.30 departure and drive in convoy to the hike start point. Do not enter the stadium area, this parking lot is OUTSIDE.

Our route will take us north up Highway 107 and via the shortcut that by-passes Mae Rim onto Highway 1096 to Samoeng. The turn-off for the hike is on the right about 10 kilometers after passing through Pong Yaeng Village and is onto a narrow hard-topped road at the top of a steep hill. There is a sign for Phu Mork Dao Resort, but this junction is easily missed and care is required.

We will park by the side of the road in Ban Buak Toei village.

Hike Organiser: Richard

Please read the general information on this site as well as this particular post. If you still feel this hike is for you, just turn up at the meeting point on the day and time. No need to let us know you are coming. Please be advised that we cannot accommodate groups.


Please bring:

  • Face mask.
  • At least 2 liters of water/ rehydration drink
  • A snack
  • For passengers: 100 Baht towards fuel costs and a change of clothes/ footwear
  • Hat and sun screen
  • Long pants recommended
  • Energy, enthusiasm and good humour

2021/06/13_Semi-private hike

Covid precautions still seem to mean we shouldn’t advertise open hikes. But if you are interested in joining a more private limited-numbers hike this Sunday, contact Michael, or state your interest in the comments below and he will get back to you. (Emailing of hike details is expected to go out on Friday)

2021/06/06_semi-private hike

Due to Covid, we are still not advertising fully open hikes, but there will be a private hike to Mae Kwong area this Sunday. If you would like to join, please contact Michael or tell of your interest in the comments below, and he will get back to you.

Covid precautions still seem to mean we shouldn’t advertise open hikes. But if you are interested in joining a more private limited-numbers hike this Sunday, contact Michael, or state your interest in the comments below and he will get back to you.

2021/05/23_No public hike (Covid regs)

Although the clear prohibition on gatherings of more than ten people has been lifted, there are still some other rules and restrictions – and the general spirit of the public health effort – that make us refrain from posting a public hike this week. Have good hikes with your partners, taking due precautions!

“Until further notice”

Although the April covid outbreak seems to be coming under control, the prohibition on gatherings of more than ten people is still in place “until further notice” (Communicable Disease Committee Order 47), and we are not posting public hikes while this is the case.

It’s good to hear that many of our regulars are having good hikes in private smaller groups taking due covid precautions.

2021/05/02_Only private small-group hiking

There is no open hike this week or next, to comply with Order 42/2564 of the Chiang Mai Communicable Disease Committee, which prohibits events of more than ten people in the period 26 April to 9 May.

We encourage people to hike in small groups of friends, taking due care against covid transmission. Regulars may contact Michael, who might be able to put you in touch with another person to share your hike with.