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2018/07/22_Huay Tung Tao – Mai Nai loop hike

Photo by Bob

The hike is ON!

We did this hike three months ago so this time we will do it the other way around. This means there will be a warming hill climb (up a dirt road) at the beginning, but overall this 16km hike is relative easy and mainly on dirt roads and well-defined paths through mainly shaded forest and some agricultural areas. Total elevation is only 500 metres. There are four stream crossings and given the recent rain they will be deeper than last time but not unfordable. There are two good viewing points (we will have a lunch break at the latter one) and, for the bovine minded, one buffalo corral (sometimes occupied). The hike should take 5-6 hours and afterwards we will retire to one of the lake restaurants for refreshments.

Starting point and details

7.30AM at Huay Tung Tao at the far end of the reservoir.

Huay Tung Tao (or Huay Thueng Thau) is a park about 10km north of the centre of Chiang Mai. Driving northwards on Canal Road (121), watch out for the signs telling you where to turn off to the left. Then there is an approach road of 1.5km leading up to a pay booth where you may have to pay THB 50 Baht per person. (The park is open by 7am but sometimes the pay booth is not yet in operation and you can drive straight through.)

After passing the ticket booth turn right and continue along the reservoir to the far end where there is an open flat area opposite a large tree.

Hike leader: Stephen

If you want to join, make sure you have read the general advice on this website (see tabs at the top). If you still think the hike is for you, just turn up at the stated place and time.

Special advice: Be ready to wade through streams and possibly walk in rain.

As ever, we look forward to your energy, enthusiasm and good humour!



18/07/15 Report Crying Dogs Waterfall Loop

20180715_122101 copy

Eighteen hikers and one K9 made up the group for this Sunday’s hike and it became apparent that, while most had hiked in the area before, this was a new hike to most.  Under a covering of cloud we set off at a gentle pace for the first leg of the hike, a 1.5km section along the road which loosened up the muscles and prepared us for the uphill part of the hike.  After taking a brief stop to regroup, and make sure we hadn’t lost anybody, we left the road and entered the forest going pretty much uphill in varying degrees of steepness for the next 5kms.


Although not particularly hot, and a good covering of cloud, it was very humid so regular water breaks were taken besides, no one seemed to be in a hurry either.  A longer snack break was taken at the apex of our hike where we did have a few drops of rain but nothing to worry about.  With snacks over it was back to the trail, practically level and less trees although the undergrowth was quite high in places, for a few hundred metres where we joined a much wider trail/dirt road and began our descent.3a Taking a few breaks at strategic points (i.e. junctions!) to regroup we made our way down to the water and top part of the falls.  There have been some flash floods here recently and a bit of scrambling was necessary to get to the head of the falls where some of the group climbed down to the mid-section while the rest took the easier, but slightly longer, option and took a trail down where time was taken for everyone to do their “thing”.5a20180715_114612 copy2a37123410_1948115255239263_5891116746810589184_n37211169_1948115921905863_4902625608409808896_n

Refreshed from the visit it was a short ascent up the valley and back on to the main trail/dirt road where we resumed our downwards trek back into the village where we had started some 4.5hrs previous.  Unfortunately the information we were given earlier in the week when making the recce for this hike was a little out, we were told that there was a bbq going on a Sunday which was true but they did not start it until late afternoon, my apologies to all.  Still there was the amber nectar and some had brought along sandwiches so all was not lost.  There were some nice flowers surrounding the restaurant too!DSCN6853

Thanks to all who turned out for the hike, great company making it a great day out.  Special thanks to all who sent in photos, really appreciated and means that I do not have to write as much!

For those interested in stats I get 10.2kms, 450mtrs total ascent and about 4.5hrs

18/07/15 Crying Dogs Waterfall Loop


0620 update: the hike is ON

Check the site before leaving home, an update will be posted before 0630

This Sunday’s hike is starts and ends near to where the Valley Café used to be and is a loop of about 10kms with a total ascent of 400mtrs.  The first kilometre or so is on a fairly quiet road before taking a trail into the forest which will take us up to higher and more open ground.  The majority of the ascent is done on this section of the hike and, while not difficult, a reasonable fitness level is required as the conditions underfoot are quite rocky.  The trail then, generally, is downwards in varying degrees but not too steep and a detour will be taken to the visit the falls.  While not in full flow there is plenty of water and is still worth seeing, especially the scenery but, beware, the rocks could be slippery.  From the falls it is not far to the end point which also happens to be where we intend to take the post-hike refreshments.

If you want to join:
If you are sure this hike is for you, after reading our “dangers”, “what to bring” and “what to do” tabs, just turn up at the meeting place on the day; there is no need to let us know you are coming.  No groups please.  Seats in cars are usually available but cannot be guaranteed.

Meeting Place:
We will meet at 0740 for a 0745 start from the open ground immediately after the first traffic lights south after Suthep market on the irrigation canal road (H.121), just after the PTT petrol station (which has toilets, 711 and fuel).  Meeting place GPS co-ordinates: 18° 47.002′ N 098° 57.512′ Emap3_resize

Items to bring:

  • At least 2 litres of water or re-hydration drink.
  • A snack.
  • Strong footwear with good grip and ankle support.
  • Sticks recommended.
  • Sunhat, sunscreen, insect repellent.
  • Long sleeves/ pants recommended.
  • Rainwear, unless you are happy to be soaked.
  • Plenty of energy, enthusiasm, team spirit and good humour.


2018/07/08_Report_Bua Chan Village Hike

Unexpectedly many (30) people were attracted despite rain risk and a far-out meeting-place. It was fun to mix with so many diverse hikers, but it gave leader Tom a demanding time keeping us reasonably together. Some lagged behind the main group and others span off in extra loops. Tom accomplished the tasks of navigation and coordination with calm good humour. In the end everyone seemed very grateful to him for a lovely hike, encompassing both forest (Ob Khan National Park) and highland farming terrain.

In fact there was only an occasional sprinkle of rain, but the humidity level was high, which, combined with the long hill, made for some weary limbs and good appetites by the time we reached our post-hike refreshment venue.

Stats:  15km in five hours. Min Elevation: 900m. Max elevation 1330m. Total ascent 1020m.

Hike leader: Tom. Reporting by Michael







2018/07/08_Bua Chan Village Hike

Hike Description: This is a moderate hike of about 15 km. The start and end point to the hike is the Samoeng Road near to the Samoeng border. The starting point of our hike is 900 m above sea level; our highest point is 1320 m. We walk on wide dirt roads and in the village on a concrete road. It goes through a beautiful forest and some agricultural areas where we need sun protection.

The main group will take this hike at a gentle pace. If you cannot contain your energy and you want to gallop forward, please be clear about how you know the way. The hike should take 5-6 hours. After the hike we will stop for refreshments at a restaurant on the way back to CM.

Hike leader: Tom

Meeting place and time: Meet at 7:20am for a 7:30am departure, on the Samoeng Road (1269)  next to the Fire Station 100m west from the Samoeng Road’s southern intersection with Canal Road (121).

GPS Coordinates: 18.72472 98.92531.

Google Maps: https://www.google.com/maps/place/18%C2%B043’29.0%22N+98%C2%B055’31.1%22E/@18.7253703,98.9249399,17z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0x0!8m2!3d18.72472!4d98.92531

The hike starting point is about 35 minutes by car from the meeting point.

If you’re thinking of joining…
Please carefully read the general advice and warnings on this website as well as this specific hike description. If you still think the hike is for you, just turn up at the meeting-place on time: there is no need to tell us you are coming. Lifts in the cars of other hikers are usually available but cannot be guaranteed.

Please bring:

  • at least 2-3 litres of water/rehydration drink, energy snacks and (first) lunch.
  • sun protection, raingear, long sleeves/trousers to stop stings, bites and thorns.
  • plenty of energy, enthusiasm and good humour.
  • 100 baht for your driver if you are a passenger. Change of clothes too.

18/07/01 Trip report Pam’s Ban Doi Pui Loop


A great turnout for this Sunday’s hike, 21 in all, consisting of 6 visiting and 2 local Newbies and the usual mixture of regulars making it a very interesting group.  The hike started off under partly cloudy skies and cool temperature and was promptly lead, by yours truly, the wrong way, got to pay more attention on the trail rather than chatting. It was only 20mtrs so, no harm done and best get the mistakes over early.  Leaving the village we followed the farmers road for a while before taking a smaller trail which took us into the forest proper.  A water/re-grouping break was taken after about 45 minutes at a convenient viewing point just before the start of the first, small, ascent.43 Once watered and fully re-grouped the warm-up ascent was made and another short break taken at the top to admire the scenery before setting off along the ridge and the downward part of the hike.2

The ridge section was a bit slippery in places but the going was generally good and some nice views were to be had inbetween the trees.  The ridge trail came to a dirt road which took us through some orchards and to a junction which marked the start of the long ascent ahead and, also, a suitable place to stop for a snack break and the usual re-group.  Here we noticed a large number of hairy caterpillars on the trees, luckily nobody came into contact with them and there had been no reports of leeches either.  Snacks over and everyone psyched up we began the ascent with 2 groups initially and that quickly became about 4, not a problem as it was a “straight” run back to the village and a number of the group were familiar with this part of the hike.  5Once the ascent was completed the final kilometre retraced the our steps of earlier on in the day and gave a nice “warm down” period and time to get prepared for the well earned post hike refreshments.16

Everyone made it back to the village in one piece and unscathed, a little tired and a few aching muscles maybe but nothing that a drink, something to eat and a chat wouldn’t cure.20180701_apresHike

For those interested in stats it was about 14km with a total ascent of 720mtrs and 4 to 4.5 hours but, time doesn’t matter so long as you enjoyed it.

Thanks to all who joined the hike to day making it a great day out and especially to our visitors who were/are on a tight schedule and chose to take the risk and come with us, the “regulars” really appreciate it and enjoyed your company.

Thanks for all the photos too, I can not remember who sent them but you know who you are!




18/07/01 Pam’s Ban Doi Pui Loop



The hike is ON

Check the site on Sunday for any updates which will be posted before 0630

This Sunday’s hike is from Pam’s vast catalogue and last done by the group about 4 years ago.  As the title suggests it starts, and finishes, in Ban Doi Pui and is basically in 3 parts, a flattish section, a downhill section and, of course, an uphill section with an overall distance of about 14km and a total ascent (and descent if you want to look on the bright side) of about 750mtrs.  The loop passes through a bit of everything forest, mountain ridge and farmland and the trails are all well marked and generally wide.  As with last weeks hike there is the probability of  leeches at this altitude, we found 3 of the critters when checking out the trail 10 days ago and also encountered some hairy caterpillars.

This is not a particularly difficult hike but, a reasonable fitness level is needed for the uphill section and, as ever, good footwear is a must.

Meeting time and place:

We will meet at 0730 for an 0740 start at the Arboretum carpark on Huay Kaew Road, see maps below.

Items to bring:

  • good footwear is essential, stick/pole desirable
  • inset repellant, sunblock
  • hat and rain gear (unless you don’t mind getting fried or soaked)
  • change of clothes
  • at least 2 litres of water
  • snacks, energy drinks, etc.
  • 100Bht contribution for fuel if you are a passenger (and something extra for any drinks/meal post-hike)
  • a good sense of humour, most essential