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2019/03/10_Report_Mae Sa Waterfall Plus

For today’s hike we had a new meeting point on Canal Rd. which worked very well with a large parking lot located behind the petrol station where we could leave some of the cars. Nine hikers showed up and after the usual chatting we  drove to Between Cafe where we found 2 more hikers waiting. It was only a short walk into the park office of Mae Sa Waterfall, and all but one hiker, who was Thai, needed to pay the fee for foreigners of 100 baht.

Our leader led us off at a brisk pace and as we clattered up the steps after her we were soon crossing bridges, passing quiet streams, and waterfalls with wide ponds or rushing streams below them. All were tempting stopping places…but we carried on upward until we reached the 10th and last level, where we rested, snacked, and lost track of time. One hiker explored an area on the other side of the water and up beyond our stopping point while we kept a close eye on his safety. Only one hiker took advantage of the shallow water to wade.

According to the plan, after descending the steps, we followed a different exit which was not as simple as expected, but after a few false starts we found the right way and returned to Between Cafe right at lunch time for refreshment and rest on soft couches. this was a pleasant hike worth repeating once in a while, and a very agreeable group of hikers!


2019/03/10_Mae Sa Waterfall Plus

Our last hike here was in the rainy season. The water is now clearer.

This is another short-but-sweet hike, at a relaxed pace for a good social experience. The Mae Sa Waterfall park contains ten tiers of waterfalls extending for 1.5 kilometres. Besides climbing up to the highest accessible tier and back – and pausing for paddling/bathing – we will include an interesting section outside the park. Total distance will be about 6km.

We will car-pool from the main meeting place (see details below) to the start point at “Between” cafe, slightly east of the Mae Sa Waterfall park entrance. On return, most of us will buy refreshments in this cafe.

Meeting place: outside the 7-Eleven at the PTT fuel station just north of the gateway to Chiang Mai University on Canal Road. See map below and this link.

Meeting time: 07:50. The cars will depart at 08:00.

Alternative meeting time/place: 08:25 at “Between” cafe.

If you want to join: Please ensure you have read the general information on this website about our hikes and the spirit in which they take place. If you are fine with this, then just turn up at the stated meeting place and time. Lifts in cars are almost always available, though they cannot be absolutely guaranteed, and we cannot absorb groups. If getting a lift there and back, please offer your driver THB 100 towards fuel costs etc.

Bring: as per general advice on this site, except:

  • Money for park entrance: THB 20 for Thai adult, 100 for non-Thai (irrespective of Thai driving license). Children half price. N.B. there are no concessions for over-60s.
  • Hat/sunblock is specially recommended, as the latter part of the walk has little tree cover.
  • bathing clothes (optional)


2019/03/03_Report_Hike to Wat Doi Kham

Our hiking group this week comprised five recent regulars, three new faces, and two long-lost alumni. As usual, the shared hike helped us bond into a happy team. Highlights of our shared experience included:

  • the old boat at Wat Pong Noi
  • the gac fruit hanging from power lines
  • the futuristic science park
  • the tortoise by the lake
  • the purple hedge
  • and of course the wonderland summit of Wat Doi Kham itself (although only eight of us made it up all 488 steps).

The walk to the foot of the steps lasted about 100 minutes. Participants then took another 100 minutes climbing up and visiting the temple, and descending and enjoying refreshments in a nice cafe at the base of the hill. Finally most of us commissioned a songthaew to return us to the starting point, but three unsatiated hikers retraced the way on foot.

Hike leadership and reporting by Michael M. Photos by MM and Ging.




2019/03/03_To Wat Doi Kham

The final flight of stairs up to Wat Doi Kham

This is a short suburban hike. We walk to the prominent temple of Doi Kham starting from a point on Canal Road near the Suthep Sub-district office. This takes us along some interesting small and quiet roads, skirts the edge of the National Park, and arcs through the lakeside fields of CMU’s Mae Hia agricultural campus. The hike is about 6km and almost horizontal until the end, when most of us will climb the 500-or-so steps up to the temple complex. (Transport to the top is also available.)

Wat Doi Kham has undergone dramatic transformation since five years ago when people started flocking to offer jasmine garlands to one of its Buddha figures, thought to help fulfil people’s wishes. We found the place crowded with visitors when we hiked there a year ago, and this may be the case again, although we should get there earlier in the day as the hike is shorter. Nevertheless it is an enjoyable destination. After sight-seeing and/or enjoying refreshment of soft drinks, we will take songthaews (red trucks) back to our meeting point. We can expect to return before noon.

Leader: Michael M

Meeting Point

We will meet between the 7-Eleven and Tesco-Lotus mini-stores on the west side of Canal Road, 4.5km south of its intersection with Suthep Road.

Co-ordinates (from Google Maps): 18.7699371,98.9502551

This is very near the Tambon Suthep municipal office (สำนักงานเทศบาลตำบลสุเทพ – tesseban Tambon Suthep). If driving southwards on Canal Road from the Suthep Road junction, do a U-turn at the first traffic lights (bearing in mind that the previous first traffic lights are currently abolished), and the mini-stores are just there.

You can park in the vacant land behind the mini-stores: drive through the gap between them.

Meeting time: 7.50am for an 8am start.

If you’d like to join:  Please read the general guidelines on this website as well as this particular post. Then if you think the hike is for you, just turn up at the stated place and time.


  • Modest clothing, as we will be visiting temple compounds (long shorts and T-shirts are okay, but not short shorts and singlets).
  • Hat/sunblock, because much of the hike is not under trees
  • Money for songthaew transport back from Doi Kham to the starting point (should be well less than THB 100)
  • Team spirit and good humour.




2019/02/24_Report_Around QSBG

It was quite an old friends’ group: all 11 of us have been Sunday CM hiking for more than a year, and most of were doing this five years ago. Shockingly, eight out of 11 qualified for the over-60s free entry ticket. The gentle hike lasted four hours (for about 8 or 9km) rather than three, due to some navigational errors by the leader in the early stages. But all was forgiven and a good time was had along the delightful paths and in an almost equally delightful cafe afterwards. Thanks for everyone’s patience and good company!


Hike leadership and reporting by Michael M

19/02/24_Around QSBG

Most visitors to the Queen Sirikit Botanic Garden (QSBG) drive straight up to the headline attractions on the higher slopes. Few explore the rich network of quiet paths under the forest canopy. We will follow a route largely through these, at a rambling social pace. The hike is expected to take 2-3 hours. Some or all of us will then relax in a pleasant riverside cafe nearby before going home. (Note that this hike does not take in the main glass-house exhibits at QSBG.)

Hike initiator: Michael M

Meeting time and place: 07:50 for a 08.00 start, carpooling from the carpark on Canal Rd, outside the 700 Year Stadium (see map below). Or soon after 8.30am outside the gate of QSBG.

If you would like to join: just turn up at the stated time and place. There’s no booking in advance; we are random good companions. Car-sharing seats are almost always available but we cannot absorb groups.

Advice: As per usual (see tabs at the top of this page), except:

  • Bring money for park entrance fee (THB 40/100 for Thai/non-Thai under 60, but FREE for over-60s. Please offer your driver THB 100 baht if you share their car both ways from 700 Year Stadium. Remember to check with the driver how long you and they want to linger at the cafe after the hike.


19/02/17_Upnodown hike

Narrow ridge top trails in the middle-to-later parts of the hike.

First the bad news: probably smokey air with restricted views, lots of uphill walking, some narrow trails above steep drops, some slippery leaf-strewn paths, leeches, car shuffling necessary pre- & post-hike, dusty roadworks on the drive in/out. Did I mention the uphill?

But the good news: cooler and less smokey (we hope) than at lower elevations, very little downhill walking (many knees will approve), mostly shady trails (after early open farmland) and quite varied local scenery – past mulberry farms and up onto ridge-top hunter’s trails.

Distance 8-9 kms, up 850m (but down only 300m total). About 4-5 hours, including lunch break, with 4 kms of constant uphill. We will stop the hike if there are any hill fires in the area. Many trail junctions, so please stay in sight of the hike leader at all times.

Lots and lots of up. Not so much down.

All hikers are responsible for their own safety at all times.. No groups, please. No re-advertising online. Seats in cars cannot be guaranteed. 50-min drive each way between meeting point and hike start/end points. Some car ferrying will be necessary before and after the hike as this is not a loop. 

BTW, a gentle reminder to our regular hikers, that we would appreciate some more assistance with leading hikes. Let’s spread the load a little more and not take our leaders for granted.

Meeting point: In front of Susco petrol station at 07.20 (for an 07.30 departure). (NB: the shop has closed down.)


Please bring:

  • at least 1-2 litres of water/rehydration drink
  • protection from sun, heat, smoky air, leeches.
  • energy snacks and picnic (first) lunch
  • strong legs/knees, footwear with deep tread/good grip, trekking pole/stick
  • lots of energy, team spirit and good humour
  • passengers needing a lift, please bring 100 baht towards fuel and a change of shirt/clothes for the drive home.