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17/05/14_Trip report_Wat Chom Khiri Loop


After a long and narrowly-winding but beautiful drive, 21 hikers gathered at the starting point at 08:50 and then started climbing at 09:05. The vegetation had grown in the first 1km and the character of the path was very different from two months ago. The first group stopped many times to wait for the slow group but this is Sunday hiking and all the hikers must cooperate.



We took a break at the junction where the descent from the mountain begins. Almost all the hikers were hungry even though it was only 10:30. Unluckily, Monjiro was stung by wasps but it got better quickly after applying P’s medicine. Thanks P.



We restarted the hike at 10:55 after taking a fairly long break. 10 minutes later, intense rain began but diminished greatly after about 10 minutes. The rain started again an hour later, but it was not so such a downpour this time.



The first group got to the goal point at 12:50, and all the hikers had finished the hike by 13:05. We went to a nearby restaurant to have refreshments. Thanks to everybody who cooperated in making the hike.


Hike leadership by Arnie the Viking and Monjiro the Samurai
Report by Monjiro, edited by Michael Bigboots
Photos by Andr…, J… and Monjiro.


17/05/14_ Wat Chom Khiri Loop

This Sunday we will start our hike high, at an altitude of 1083 m, and walk higher, up to 1508 m. But do not worry an easy ridge loop with soft uphill and soft downhill. Estimated hike time is about 4 hours. Refreshments available after the hike at the zip line company.
Leaders: A & M
Meeting point:

07.20 for a 07.30 departure. The Susco petrol station, opposite Suzuki car showroom. From the city centre, head NE along Kaew Nawarat Rd towards Central Festival, past H.11 superhighway, middle ring road and Sansai Noi (Sam Yaek) market traffic lights, and continue 400m straight on the CM-Doi Saket-Rd, H.118 towards Chiang Rai. On left.

Fuel, toilets and convenience store available. If leaving a vehicle here, please park considerately, away from the store front. Seats in vehicles cannot be guaranteed. We’ll drive out for about 55 mins from the meeting point to the trailhead.

Please bring:
• at least 2-3 litres of water/rehydration drink, snacks, and picnic lunch.
• sun protection, strong footwear, long sleeves/trousers to stop stings, bites and thorns.
• plenty of energy, enthusiasm, team spirit and good humour.
• 100 baht for your driver if you are a passenger. Change of clothes recommended.

17/05/07_Trip report_Upnodown hike

Only nine hikers appeared at the meeting point, though four more joined us at the trailhead, where one leader found that he had left his rucksack, water, map, lunch and brain at home. Luckily the water was quickly replaced by a kind fellow hiker and a local farmer donated some lunchtime cucumbers. Nothing could be done about the missing brain.

Despite the best efforts of the main leading group, they could not shake off the smaller group who had claimed they wanted to go more slowly, so the 8.3 kms were completed as one group in 4 hrs 36 mins including lunch break.  Up 808m, down about 287m. A few hikers then did some extra downhill instead of sitting waiting for their drivers.


No rain, lots of shade and cloud, and some cooling breezes. Quite good views from the higher ridges, despite the haze. Interesting to see mulberries being cultivated and a baby buffalo.


WordPress suggested this new layout for photos. Let’s see what it looks like when published…

17/05/07_Upnodown hike


Photo: Mrs S

No rain yet where I am. Let’s go ahead. Cloudy with a chance of Pat Kaprao later on. But be ready for rain later too.  

Especially for knees which do not appreciate long downhill sections, we have a special hike which goes up (a lot) but does not come down (much). Some vehicle shuffling (4-5 kms) will therefore be necessary pre/post hike.

The Weds explorers tried to make a hike in a different direction this week but that area (Mae Win) is too hot for this season so we’re back along H.118 again, on the ridge between the hike two weeks ago and Doi Mot, but with no overlap. We’ll start low (700m) but reach 1400m elevation with cool breezes (but also the risk of thunderstorms). Good views possible, air/weather conditions permitting. Total stats: about 8.5 kms, up 800m but down only 250m. Maybe 5-6 hours with breaks?

We wondered about a picnic at the high endpoint (1100m, Ghost Village) but the weather forecast suggests not, so probably calendar girls or Wat Pang Faen restaurant afterwards.

Leaders: Mike, PGB

Meeting point: <18°48’48.69″ N  99°01’52.92″ E>

07.20 for a 07.30 departure. The Susco petrol station, opposite Suzuki car showroom.  From the city centre, head NE along Kaew Nawarat Rd towards Central Festival, past H.11 superhighway, middle ring road and Sansai Noi (Sam Yaek) market traffic lights, and continue 400m straight on the CM-Doi Saket-Rd, H.118 towards Chiang Rai. On left.

Fuel, toilets and convenience store available.  If leaving a vehicle here, please park considerately, away from the store front. Seats in vehicles cannot be guaranteed. We’ll drive out for about 45 mins from the meeting point to the trailhead at Ban Doi.


Please bring:
• at least 2-3 litres of water/rehydration drink, snacks, and picnic lunch.
• sun protection, strong footwear, long sleeves/trousers to stop stings, bites and thorns.
plenty of energy, enthusiasm, team spirit and good humour.
• 100 baht for your driver if you are a passenger. Change of clothes recommended.

17/04/30_Trip report_Doi Suthep and Bhuping Palace circular hike

Group photo at the ancient ruined temple of San Ku

Gathering at the Arboretum, 18 hikers enjoyed a blessedly clear view of the mountain, rainstorms in the previous two days having greatly cleared the air. After driving to the Wat Doi Suthep carpark we began hiking at about 8am. The forest air was clean, the temperature moderate, and the ground pleasantly moist after the rain.


Corner of palace compound. Photo by Chan

After reaching the Bhuping Palace compound, and completing the stiff climb to the top corner, we made a small diversion in order to enjoy our packed snacks at the ancient ruined temple of San Ku. We then descended to the public viewpoint near the shops outside the palace gates. The view was worthwhile though still fairly hazy.

At the viewpoint. Photo by Chan

The easy return to the Wat Doi Suthep shops area was done largely along a trailbike route and via a campsite (neither of which seemed to have been maintained in the last year or two), and then past the St Louis Catholic mountain retreat centre. Most of the hikers lingered at our usual restaurant afterwards for further refreshments.

Apres-hike. Photo by Chan

Hiking time was about 4 hours and 45 minutes, covering 11km. Martha took some great nature photos during the hike (see some of them below). Many thanks to Chan for his leadership.

Photo by Martha

Photo by Martha

Photo by Martha

Photo by Martha

17/04/30_Doi Suthep to Buphing Palace Circular Hike

Virtual photomontage by Pam after doing this hike in March 2015. The view from the Buphing Palace viewpoint is not at its best at this time of year, but it’s still a place worth going to.


We will meet at the Arboretum Car Park at 7:20 AM and plan to leave at 7:30 AM. We will pool/share cars and motorbikes to the Doi Suthep Parking area, which will be our starting point.The air might be polluted from the ongoing burning activities, but not as much as in the city. In addition we will walk under trees/ in the shadow most of the time.The first part of the hike will be mostly uphill, but after lunch we will walk downhill back to our vehicles.The total duration of the hike is estimated to be 4 to 5 hours including lunch depending on the group. We plan to have our packed refreshment stop in the area of Bhuping Palace, and most of us will probably have cold drinks and hot meal afterwards in one of the restaurants near the parking area.


Hike leader: Chan

If you want to join


Make sure you have read the general advice on this website as well as the specific details in this post. If you still think the hike is for you, just turn up. There is no need to tell us you are coming in advance. Car-sharing places are almost always available but cannot be guaranteed. If you are a passenger, please offer your driver THB 50 as contribution to fuel etc.

Meeting Place

This time we will meet at 07:20 in the car park of the Huay Kaeow Arboretum (also known as the exercise park).

  • Head straight out from the moat 3.5 km towards Doi Suthep on Huay Kaeow Road.
  • The arboretum is on the left after the front entrance to Chiang Mai University and just before the entrance to the Zoo.
  • The car park of the arboretum is at the end of the park near the zoo.

See the maps below (click to enlarge them).




Bring :

  • around 1.5-2 liters of water or more, snacks
  • good footwear etc. hat, rain wear, insect repellent and sun-block
  • energy, team spirit, enthusiasm and a good sense of humour.
  • Money for transport (at least 100 bt).


17/04/23_Trip report_Wat Pang Faen loop

A strong team of 14, including 6 biker hikers, assembled at the temple, via Susco and Bangjak Doi Saket, and began walking at 08.22, swapping the smoky air of Chiang Mai for the slightly less smoky air out past Doi Saket.

start photo

The early gentle gradient didn’t last long and soon the ascent began in earnest ranging from “steepish” to steep (on the CM Hiking Index!) for the next hour or so but, with a good track, overcast skies and a relatively cool temperature it wasn’t too bad and the ridge was made by all in a very respectable time, despite the large tree which had blocked the road since Weds.

pied piper at work

Pied piper at work

Arnie, whose thighs had returned to normal size after last week’s mishaps, then led a small group of three round the basic loop we had planned (8.45 kms, up 460m, 3 hrs 24 mins) while the first XI made speedy progress along the optional extra route and were keen to then continue even further along the cool breezy ridge, despite the hazy views made worse by some local burning bringing smoke down from the N.

tree 1

In the end, we reached the point where our Weds explorers had earlier identified an “interesting” new trail back down to the main highway, so one leader took a couple of willing side-kicks down that route (10.5 kms, up 670m, 4 hrs 6 mins, to be used for a new Sunday hike in the near future) past new mulberry fields, while the other led the slightly depleted main group back along the planned return route (12.7 kms, 736m up, 4 hrs 33 mins), following (mostly) in the footsteps of the earlier group.  The descent from the ridge was quite steep and rocky to start with but comes down into fairly gentle farm land for the final section of the hike back to the Wat and a nice cool drink and something to eat.

Arnie: After a short rest at the ridge connection Chan, MM and I hiked down on the trail south, after seeing a big eagle on the way up. A real huge one! Circulated on the termic winds like an airplane, looking for a lunch meal (not us I hope). It was great to see!!  We manage the hike down easy, and after 3h and 24 minutes we were back at the temple. We calculated that the main group was about 1 hour behind us, a correct guess. “Meanwhile in the jungle”, MH was on his exploration hike with 2 fellows. In the middle of my first beer, and in the start of my food (sorry – Ed), he called me, and requested a  pick up service. When I drove at the highway I spotted some lonely souls walking on the sidewalk towards me ……

J tree 2

A little cooler and breezier than feared, especially on the higher ridge.  Thanks to our photographers, Arnie for special driving services, and to all five intrepid explorers who’ve helped out (and bushwhacked) in this area on three occasions over the past three weeks. Report cobbled together by Arnie, MH & PGB.  More photos expected soon.


Arnie red, plus PGB purple, plus MH grey