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17/03/19_Adventure Hike at Op Khan National Park

Reprise of a favourite hike pioneered by Pam and Anders a little over two years ago.


We will hike in a beautiful valley, along a  small river named Nam Mae Khanin in Op Khan National Park. Crystal clear cold water from the mountains, but probably not too much because of the season.  The hike can be classified as easy . We will have some steep sections, but not more than for around 30 minutes in total.  For the most part it is a hike along the narrow river valley. Hiking time including breaks and lunch is 4 hours and 30 minutes, up to 5 hours, depending on the group. The little specialty that makes this  an adventure hike is that we will cross the river numerous times and for one hour we will  hike in the stream. But please do not worry, the river is wide  and the water level is about 10 centimeters or less only. Soft and sandy ground to walk on and delightfully cool mountain water. In order to be able to get the full benefits of this hike, it is very important that you bring two pairs of shoes with you. A couple for the river wading and a couple for the regular hiking. You can say that this hike is a bit magic ……. Option after the hike: Nice lunch at the spectacular Canyon Restaurant.

Hike Leader: Anders, assisted by Tom

If you want to join: You should have read the general advice on this website as well as the specific details in this post. If you still think the hike is for you, just turn up at the meeting place on the day and on time. We cannot accommodate groups. Passenger places are usually available in car-pooling, but cannot be guaranteed. If you are a passenger, please contribute THB 100 to your driver for fuel etc.

Meeting Point & Time.

This time we will meet at 07:20 for 07:30 start. We will meet at the open area just past the PTT gas station when driving southwards on Canal Road from the Suthep Road junction.  (Please click on map to enlarge)

map3_resize1 map_resize1


Equipment needed is as usual (see the “Things to bring” tab, above) except :

  • bring amphibious footwear or two pairs, for walking both in the stream and on dry land. Also a plastic bag for transporting wet footwear in the car.

Trip Report: 17/03/12 Ban Khun Chang Khian loop

We had 11 hikers who chose this shorter hike. Other than the starting point, not much else matched the hike description. All 11 of us squeezed into 2 cars for the hour long drive up to the village. The road was a bit worse for wear, but what a beautiful location the village has! The air was cool and clear with a constant fresh breeze. We chose to have coffee and tea there, and found exactly 11 seats in one coffee shop. Then we started out down the road, and passed a big new coffee shop with a view on the left.  Because we were a partly “elderly” group with 4 in the range of 70-80 plus, we didn’t take the steep, slippery short cut, and we kept a leisurely pace with stops to let stragglers catch up. Only 2 young and energetic hikers kept in the lead. And so we continued down the dirt track, keeping a watch for the well remembered narrow trail on the left, but never found it. The leader explored one which seemed to be in the right place and headed the right way, but didn’t look familiar, and which continued down “forever” into deep forest rather than into an orchard.)  After more than an hour into the  hike, we reluctantly turned back and retraced our steps to the village. (Hmmm…obviously the leader should have checked the hike route before). It was noon when we got back, and we were hungry enough. The new coffee shop turned out to have food also, 3 good enough choices (but no beer). We liked the view over a flower garden and strawberry fields, which had to compensate for the lack of beer. We also learned that the village is growing strawberries organically, and that the Hmong New Year celebration in Jan. ’18 will be held in this village.

And so we didn’t hike a loop, only hiked 5 km., and didn’t return to the temple parking lot for lunch, but returned happy hikers.

Here are some photos to share:

Villagers grinding corn for their chickens

In the midst of the hike

One of several villagers we watched doing cross-stitch

Having lunch at the new coffee shop

Trip report_17/03/12 _Ban Pha Nok Kok loop

Nice view

11 hikers met up at the meeting point. In the village we met one more. So we were 12 hikers in total.

Group picture

We set off from the village and followed the road/farmers track which climbed, fairly gently, up the hillside into the farmland.

At the farmers’ trail

We continued upwards and after 1:20 hour we turned left in the light forest and then to a big banana farm and back to the farmers track.

The light forest

The banana farm

We reached the Lychee farm area where we had a snack break. After we climbed up to the summit there had a very good view and a refreshing breeze. We stopped for lunch and turn back to the village.

Very nice view

Nice view

Way back from the summit

After we finished the hike we went to a new Restaurant for refreshments.

A great day; thanks to all who joined!

Facts: 13km, 4 hours 30 minutes.

Nice restaurant

The view from the restaurant

Photos by Anders, Bussakorn and Tom.

Hike leadership and report by Tom.

17/03/05_ Trip Report – Nam Mae Lai Noi watershed hike

12 hikers met up at the meeting point in the early Sunday morning. The smog was very heavy and the visibility toward our mountains was more or less zero. But at our starting point, Ban Pok Pang Nai (1082 m altitude), it was like coming to an another world, clear blue sky, and a nice cool temperature! Everyone was so happy to escape the heat and the air pollutions in Chiang Mai.
The only ”if’ about the hike was that no one in the hiking group had check some parts of the area the last 2 years. But surprisingly, the trails were in better condition than ever. An extra plus for us, no burnings up on the ridges this year (yet).

The stairs up to the temple

The stairs up to the temple

We started the hike with walking up to the new built temple, and continued on a ”coffee road” that follows a creek up in the valley. Near the end of the valley we had to attack a very steep hill in our efforts to reach the first ridge. But no sad faces, the group managed this climb in a good mood.
Up we go. The sky is the limit!

Up we go. The sky is the limit!

Very steep, but still smiling

Very steep, but still smiling

Upon the first ridge we got our first reward, fantastic views of the mountains in the area.


Ok... where we go now? Last time 2 years ago..

Ok… where we go now?
Last time 2 years ago..

Now the rest of the hike was a ridge hike.
Up on the second ridge

Up on the second ridge

Snack stop at 1500 m altitude, on the third ridge after 1 hour and 40 minutes hike

Snack stop at 1500 m altitude, on the third ridge after 1 hour and 40 minutes hike

On the way to our lunch spot, some high grass, but no big deal..

On the way to our lunch spot, some high grass, but no big deal..

View towards the " bald man",  a strange peak at altitude of 1719 m. South/east have no vegetation

View towards the ” bald man”, a strange peak at an altitude of 1719 m. South/east have no vegetation

lunch on the rocks at the fourth ridge

Lunch on the rocks at the fourth ridge

A relaxing hiker at the lunch stop

A relaxing hiker at the lunch stop

View from the "rocky lunch" Morning ridge in the distance

View from the “rocky lunch” Morning ridge in the distance

After our lunch “on the rocks” we started our descent back to the village.
To avoid the afternoon heat on a local dirt road, we took our chances on a short cut on a hunters trail. The trail was better than expected, but some parts covered with dry leaves made you come down like an alpine skier.
Thai skiing

Thai skiing

Back in the village, some of us went for a cold beer at the new zip line company
New resort with zip line

New resort with zip line

Question, When beer taste best?  Answer, after a hike!

Question, When beer taste best?
Answer, after a hike!

Some facts


Credit photos:
Our hikers

17/02/26_Trip Report – Loop above the Mae Ngat Somboon Chon reservoir

The big group up on the ridge

The big group up on the ridge

30 hikers started their challenge to hike up to Doi Pha Tang, (881 m altitude) from a small village named Ban Phu Din. A climb of 460 metres in 3 km.

Up here we have to go!

Up here we have to go!

Some parts of the trail was quite steep and filled with loose pebbles and dried leaves, so feet and hands were in good use.

Up we go!

Up we go!

view down to the valley

View down to the valley

The lake with its floating resorts

The lake with its floating resorts

The group soon split up, but reunited at the summit area for lunch.
The burning season made itself felt, farmers had been up here and burned the vegetation. And a bit smog reduced the visibility to the valley and the lake.

Farmers burning ,ashes  still hot

Farmers burning ,ashes still hot

Next generation hike leaders

Next generation hike leaders

After the lunch break, we continued on the ridge back down to village area. Unfortunately we had some minor accidents on the way down. But not too serious. These pebbles!!
Down at the valley, the group split up again, and the fast hikers advanced quickly back to our start point.

Back in the village.  Wow! we walk up here!

Back in the village.
Wow! we walked up there!

After the hike, most of us drove up to the lake and had a nice lunch at the lake view restaurant.

view from the restaurant

View from the restaurant

5 hours 19 minutes (slow group)
Distance 12.2 km (slow group made a short cut! )

Report: Anders

17/02/05_Trip report_700p to Doi Pha Kha loop

After a little delay in gathering, due to some kind of ‘fun’ run along the canal road, 21 hikers, including many newbies (Norway, Oz, …) and one long-time-no-see-er,  braved the cold start and eventually assembled at the meeting point and started hiking at 07.45. No group photo as the leader forgot and didn’t even bring his camera.


We hadn’t used this trail since November and the first section was quite overgrown. (Can someone please get out there with a machete/lawnmower/scissors before we go again? We almost, but not quite, wished someone had burned off the dry grass.)  Despite having the usual range of comfort speeds, we managed to stay together (until near the end) without over-long stops and also to talk as we walked.

One hiker left us to do his own additional Everest preparation as we reached higher elevations but he was soon replaced, to our great surprise, by two newbie hikers who had started 10 minutes late and caught us up, over two hours into the hike, just before our first snack stop at a sala in the lychee orchards just below the highest point of the day. Well done you two … and please seriously consider adding to our meagre number of female navigators/hike leaders if you are sticking around for long. (Mr S, eat your heart out!)


After a brief snack stop we continued, reached the decidedly non-majestic peak of Doi Pha Kha at around the three hour mark, and started the long descent, punctuated by brief stops to re-group and re-hydrate as the temperature climbed. We made quite good time and at the stream crossing at the falls we had a decision to make: stop for another snack or keep going straight back to the carpark.  In true CM hiker fashion, we did something in between, with some expressing an intention to go on through full mouths.

To rebalance hiker numbers and ensure we finished with the same number we started with (hope you are keeping count), one hiker managed to get lost between the front runners and the main group about 20 minutes from the end, on the way back down from Porcupine Falls. This was communicated to the hike leader at the hike end via a mobile phone translation app which seemed to tell him to “get lost” (not the first time).  Phone communication then focused on a “black rock” so the leader retraced his steps to the first black rock junction (in vain) and then on to the second, where shepherd and lost sheep were successfully re-united.

Distance about 10 kms, elevation gain 800m, in about 5 hours. Additional 45 minutes for flock restocking. Reminders: (1) if you don’t know the way, stay with a leader who does and (2) don’t drink the stream water anywhere on Doi Suthep-Pui; there are orchards, fields and villages at higher elevations and we don’t know what pesticides, fertilisers and toilet arrangements are in use.

Thanks to a series of patient back markers for their assistance and to Ms J for photos.