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2019/03/10_Report_Mae Sa Waterfall Plus

For today’s hike we had a new meeting point on Canal Rd. which worked very well with a large parking lot located behind the petrol station where we could leave some of the cars. Nine hikers showed up and after the usual chatting we  drove to Between Cafe where we found 2 more hikers waiting. It was only a short walk into the park office of Mae Sa Waterfall, and all but one hiker, who was Thai, needed to pay the fee for foreigners of 100 baht.

Our leader led us off at a brisk pace and as we clattered up the steps after her we were soon crossing bridges, passing quiet streams, and waterfalls with wide ponds or rushing streams below them. All were tempting stopping places…but we carried on upward until we reached the 10th and last level, where we rested, snacked, and lost track of time. One hiker explored an area on the other side of the water and up beyond our stopping point while we kept a close eye on his safety. Only one hiker took advantage of the shallow water to wade.

According to the plan, after descending the steps, we followed a different exit which was not as simple as expected, but after a few false starts we found the right way and returned to Between Cafe right at lunch time for refreshment and rest on soft couches. this was a pleasant hike worth repeating once in a while, and a very agreeable group of hikers!


2019/03/03_Report_Hike to Wat Doi Kham

Our hiking group this week comprised five recent regulars, three new faces, and two long-lost alumni. As usual, the shared hike helped us bond into a happy team. Highlights of our shared experience included:

  • the old boat at Wat Pong Noi
  • the gac fruit hanging from power lines
  • the futuristic science park
  • the tortoise by the lake
  • the purple hedge
  • and of course the wonderland summit of Wat Doi Kham itself (although only eight of us made it up all 488 steps).

The walk to the foot of the steps lasted about 100 minutes. Participants then took another 100 minutes climbing up and visiting the temple, and descending and enjoying refreshments in a nice cafe at the base of the hill. Finally most of us commissioned a songthaew to return us to the starting point, but three unsatiated hikers retraced the way on foot.

Hike leadership and reporting by Michael M. Photos by MM and Ging.




19/02/03_Report_Around Wieng Kum Kam

Wat Chedi Liem viewed from the barrage down-river

Nine of us enjoyed this morning ramble. It first took us across the Ping river at the barrage, through a horse pasture and along a riverside walkway toward the stupa spire of Wat Chedi Liem.

We then bore eastward, past the beautiful Wat Boonruang to the ruins of Wat Huanong, before looping back, past a variety of scenic places, to the old visitor centre and the more famous ruins of Wat E-Kang and Wat That Kaow. Then we avoided getting lost in a muddy wood, as was the case when we last hiked here. Instead we returned safely through the horse pasture and over the barrage.

Most of the ruins apparently dated from the 13th to 16th centuries


Amazing tree in the horse pasture

Last-minute drama was afforded when we found a gate locked against us and a formidable boundary fence. Our escape required suppleness, athleticism and ingenuity. All of us repaired to a riverside restaurant before going home. The walking time was about two and a half hours, including periods of looking around some of the interesting sites en route.

Hike leadership and reporting by Michael M. Additional photos from Christine.


2018/12/30_Report_Ob Khan Loop

Despite an early morning shower and overcast skies ten hikers (including hike leader) showed up for this biannual hike/swim. As expected the hike leader missed an overgrown path and the party ended up on an intriguing road which climbed up and away from the river and will be investigated at a later date. Backtracking we quickly came to the river and made our way to the small gorge where, after watching the hike leader brave the cool but refreshing water, five other hikers joined in for a mid- morning swim.

Afterwards we made our way back along the river bank which, given the relatively cool temperature, was free of bathing locals and with only a few farang tourists to disturb the tranquility. We then made our way to the Phufin Terrace restaurant which unfortunately had attracted several Bangkok tourists celebrating the New Year weekend. Accordingly there was a significant decline in service with some orders misdirected and others undelivered. Nevertheless the food that did arrive was good and the Belgian chocolate dessert excellent. Happy new year to everyone.

Hike leadership and report by SRR. Photos by Janet and Michael

18/12/16 Report Doi Pui Valley Loop


What is usually a very quiet and tranquil place at 0715 on a Sunday morning turned out to be the busiest place in Ching Mai.  The CMU Nurses charity run was taking place and the lake perimeter, and approach road, was crammed full with runners cheerfully doing there thing.  This caused a few problems as the first of the group to arrive was informed that the lake was not opening to the public until 1000 however, and to my relief, it was business as usual and we managed to get to the rendezvous point.  So, a little later than planned, on a near perfect day for hiking (just as well) a group of 18 set off for the Sunday hike.  We quickly left behind the hustle and bustle of runners and began the first of three main ascents.  One of our number left the group on this stage as they had previously decided to do a shorter loop.  With the first ascent completed there was a short descent before making the second, shorter but much steeper ascent into a mixture of forest and farmland and a more even terrain before descending down into open farmland and the stream crossing (not too deep so no wet feet this time).  The final main ascent was the next challenge, not too steep but a series of ups which sometimes seem to go on forever, but everyone made it and still happily chattering away, always a good sign.  We now contoured, sort of, around a valley which is predominantly used for fruit farming, oranges being in season at the moment, and had some lovely views to keep us company.  At about the half way stage, and 4hrs hiking, the main break was taken so the batteries could be charged for the second half of the hike.




Back on the trail again the trail lead us along the opposite side of the valley for a few kilometres where we took a trail that began our descent through the farmland and back into the forest where we rejoined the trail we had taken earlier in the day only this time it was predominantly downhill.  Everybody, except one who had surged on ahead of the group, arrived back at the much quieter start point after about 6.5hrs and after a quick change it was off to the lakeside restaurant for well earned refreshments.  Alas, the lone trail blazer was not able to find the restaurant where we were located so missed out on the post-hike festivities which was a shame.

Thanks to all who came along, had a great day.  Special thanks to PD for being tail-end-Charlie and Tom for the photos.

For those interested 22.7km, 6.5hrs (including breaks), 1020mtrs ascent.

18/10/21_Mae Taeng Circular_Trip Report

This hike has a history of low cloud and rain. It was with a measure of trepidation, therefore, that we set out with heavy afternoon rain in the forecast. However, although the forecast turned out to be broadly correct, the detail as it affected the hike worked out to our benefit and the weather gods atoned entirely for their past shortcomings. Morning and early afternoon was cloudy with occasional shafts of sunshine, enough cloud to keep the temperatures down but with beautiful clear air affording spectacular and sweeping views over the Mae Taeng Valley and distant mountain ranges. As we descended the view was enhanced if anything by the tonal contrast between the deep slate grey over the Chiang Mai Valley, the black thunderheads gathering over the mountains to the south and east and the more nuanced light grays to the west. The whole accompanied by a symphony of rumbling thunder.






As usual there were a few minor challenges and a little drama to surmount en route. A moment of concern when we could only find 23 hikers as compared with a pre-hike head-count of 24. This until we realised that the lavatory attendant had been included in the pre-hike count. Then, where 2 months ago there was a nice clear trail, a riot of peanut plants, making for some uneven and unpleasant crop-whacking. One member of the group turned his ankle crossing the peanut patch and we briefly considered wheeled transport back down from the nearby village. Fortunately our hiker rallied and was able to complete the hike in fine style.

Climbing completed, we split into faster and slower groups at the lunch spot with about 8 kilometers of descent still to go. The faster group completed in 6 hours and just avoided the rain, the slower group in 6 1/2 hours and got wet. However, the rain held off until the steepest and potentially most hazardous sections had been negotiated in dry conditions.

Lovely flowers and fascinating bugs as usual. The most “striking” animal reported was a snake trying to enter the changing rooms as hikers were abluting inside. One can only imagine the result if it had been successful! The attendant fully lived up to her honorary status as a hiker by chasing it off with a bucket of water rather than by whacking it over the head.




To cap a lovely day, a relaxing late lunch by the side of the raging Mae Taeng torrent before the long drive home.

Thanks to Tom and Khun Bussakorn for the photographs.

2018/10/20_Report_Huay Tueng Thao short hike

Four humans and a dog enjoyed this morning walk. A circuit of the Huay Tueng Thao reservoir and rice fields was completed in a little less than two hours, and we lingered for nearly another hour in a small coffee shop with a great view across the lake. The threatened rainy spelll held off until we had had time to get home.