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17/07/24_Hike Report_Doi Ton short loop

It was rainy at the meeting place, so only four hikers gathered in front of Promenada, and then moved on to the starting point. One more motorcyclist joined them at the starting point.

Luckily it was merely cloudy at the starting point and did not rain during the hiking.

The five hikers started the hike at 8:08, crossed the river which was rising due to the rain of the previous day, continued to the foot of the mountain, and then started climbing steeply uphill.

We went on hiking uphill, taking a rest about every 30 minutes and got to the top of the mountain. A great view welcomed the hikers, despite having undertaken this hike in the rainy season.

We walked southwards to leave the summit , and then began to go down the
mountain. Our mushroom specialist hiker found many mushrooms in sunny places.

We crossed swollen streams three times and headed for the starting point.

We got to the starting point (ending point) at 11:53, and then we made a change from the plan and went to a resort restaurant to have lunch.

The distance of the hike was 7.8km and it took 3 hours 45 minutes. Thanks to everybody who cooperated in making the hike.

Hike leadership by Monjiro and Chan. Report by Monjiro. The photos are from hikers.


12/07/16 Trip Report Huay Tung Thao Ridge Loop

Under a cloudy sky and humid conditions eleven optimists gathered at the Golden Buddha statue for the hike and at a little after 0800, still undeterred by the possibility of rain, the group set off.  The first kilometer or so was easy going over flat terrain but did involve crossing a small drainage channel which caused some problems and resulted in one of the group getting wet feet.  We also came across a crab which was quite a long way from water.

sun2The flat terrain soon gave way to the more familiar hilly terrain and so began our ascent, first alongside a stream and then on to a dirt road and a steeper ascent for a few kilometres.   We turned off on to another, narrower dirt road which has a much gentler gradient and leads out of the forest into farmland.  The weather was still being kind to us and we managed to get some good views in the clearings along the way, although no one took any photos to prove it.


sun3Before embarking on our second, and final steep ascent we stopped for a snack break and were treated to some delicious Baklava courtesy of W&W who have just returned from their travels.  Snacks and Baklava over it was back on the trail and up through the lychee orchards (no lychees though) and light forest to the highest point of the hike.  Just before our summit we came upon a recently cleared area so stopped and had our packed lunches.   Refueled, and with the sun occasionally shining, it was back on the trail once again and just a short distance to our summit and the start of the descent.



At the “summit”


Like the ascent, the descent was in two steepish sections on good trails through the forest which, on the upper section, were slippery and overgrown in places resulting in a few slips.  We came to the helipad and had a lovely view of Chiang Mai and the surrounding area, and sunshine too, so took a short break to absorb the moment and then it was on to the second steep section.  This was quite rocky and two of the group became separated from the rest of us but the trail they took was a shorter route so they ended up at the bottom before the main party.


The trail brought us out at the SW end of the lake and a short hike along the road back to the statue.  After that we drove around the lake to the restaurant and well earned refreshments.

The stats. for this week are 13kms in 5hrs 45mins and a total ascent of 730mtrs.

Thanks to all who came along for a great day out, to R and J for the photos, to W&W for the Baklava and the WG for not raining

17/07/09_Trip Report_

13 hikers gathered at the starting point using four cars and a motorbike, and started the hike at 8:35. It was cloudy and not very hot.

We walked along the small river, through delightful woodland, buffalo pasture and small rice paddies, and got to the foot of mountain and then started climbing steeply uphill.

Unluckily, two ants bit Monjiro’s ankle after taking a break. Ouch again!! (He got the same situation three weeks ago.)

We continued hiking uphill, taking a rest about every 30 minutes and got to the highest point of this hike. Beginning to go down the mountain, we had lunch on a lovely ridge.

There were a lot of mushrooms in the forest and our musroom specialist hiker was very happy to collect them.

We got to starting point (ending point) at 13:00 and then moved onto a local restaurant to have refleshment.

The distance of the hike was 11km and it took 4 hours 25 minutes. Thanks to everybody who cooperated in making the hike.

Hike leadership by Monjiro and Chan. Report by Monjiro. The photos are from hikers.



Trip report 17/07/02_ Mae Sa and Elephant Village circular hike

The count of hikers was set to 16, but reduced with one, due to lack of hiking boots. This hike was last done in August 2015, and no one had check the trail since that. So we were prepared for some adventure. The first challenge was to reach the start point. The dirt road up to the parking area was really bad and some of the cars got the experience of “spinning wheels”.
The morning was cloudy and not hot, and with good spirit we set of and followed a small river upstream.

Soon we met the dirt road again, and walked uphill to a junction with a buffalo corral. A lot of buffalo calves this time.

The trail continued up to the view point, a peak of 700m, with a good view down to Mae Rim. From here we started to hike towards the elephant camp. Normally you can see elephants out here, eating. But this time no sign of them.

When we reached the main road we had our lunch at a small restaurant. After the break we continued a bit on the busy road, but soon we entered the jungle again.

The trail here was a bit overgrown and we lost our track for a moment. At this moment I lost my GPS, it fell out of my pocket, in to the high grass, but a rescue team found it. Thank you so much!
Now we were heading home and a soft rain started, but back at the cars the sun showed its face again.
Some of us went to a local shop for refreshments.

Only elephant today

Time 5 H 25 M
Distance: 14 km
Elevation: Min 408 m Max 743 m
Photos: The hikers

Trip report 17/07/02 Pilgrim Trail to Doi Suthep Temple

Only 3 of us joined this Easy Hike, but we had a wonderful time. The 2 others, besides the leader, were English language students who had come from Taiwan and mainland China to attend a language school in Chiang Mai, and so met there. Their English proficiency was good enough that we had good communication, even sharing funny stories and jokes. It was lovely getting to know each other.

We spend more time than usually needed on the trail to Wat Palad, reading and discussing the nature signs posted and discussing the various “creepy crawlies” seen along the way. While admiring flowers at the temple I got a photo of a large flying insect that resembled a prawn.


Arriving at Palad

Flower and insect

We agreed to continue on up the steep trail to Wat Prathat Doi Suthep where we ate lunch at our regular restaurant in the parking lot. Then we caught a song tao down to Wat Palad, where we experienced a light rain lasting for the rest of the hike as we walked back to the starting point.

17/06/18_Trip report_To Sankamphaeng Hot Springs from Crazy Horse

21 hikers gathered at the starting point and started the hike at 8:30 together with two dogs belonging to a shop owner at the starting point.  Wonderful weather welcomed the hikers though it is rainy season currently.

Unluckily, an ant bit Monjiro’s crotch when he was waiting for the slow group at the junction. Ouch!!

We continued hiking while taking a rest about every 30 minutes. After having lunch and beginning to go down the mountain, P’s shoes were completely broken and Arnie fixed them with packing tape temporarily.

It did not rain during the hiking but it was a very hot day and we were very sweaty. After we got to the hot spring, S took the two dogs back to their home by a car, and then we had refresfment at a restaurant. Seven hikers enjoyed bathing at the hot springs after that.

The distance of the hike was 11.7km and it took 4 hours 10 minutes. Thanks to everybody who cooperated in making the hike.

Hike leadership by Monjiro and Arnie. Report by Monjiro.




17/05/28_Wieng Kum Kam and McKean Island

The group in front of sluice gate at the start of the hike

16 people showed up for this special hike in the historical suburbs. Unfortunately, it seems we set off too suddenly at 7.40 and lost one as soon as we started. Sorry, J.  Crossing the sluice gate over the Ping River into the Wieng Kum Kam area is a rather hidden joy. We arrived in a shady meadow where horses grazed and flame-trees blossomed.

We headed first for the landmark of Wat Chedi Liem, and then along a series of minor roads, alleys and other pathways which took us past many other temples: some glittering and current, some ancient brick layouts.

Only once did the road chosen by the leader degenerate through all the stages of rough track, muddy path, and  finally mud, water and rubbish without any path. From this we somehow emerged and found our bearings again, and continued southwards toward McKean Island.

Muddy deviation. Photo by Janet

Janet, who worked at the McKean hospital from 1975, told us how the “island” (bounded on the east by a channel and the west by the Ping) had once been occupied by a rogue white elephant. After it died (the story goes), people were afraid of its haunting spirit. That may explain why this large piece of land was chosen to be allocated by the ruler of Chiang Mai in the early 20th  century to the missionary Dr McKean, for looking after people afflicted by leprosy. Now that multi-drug therapy and stigma reduction allow sufferers to stay in their own communities while being treated, the island is mainly a sanctuary for other vulnerable folk, especially elderly. We did not have time to fulfill the original plan of going all the way to the hospital and back, but got a taste of the area’s peaceful atmosphere. We then returned to our starting point via the small bridge near Wat Ko Klang, the back road to Wat Pa Daet, and a restaurant where eight of us lingered for midday refreshments.


Distance walked was 13-14km in 4h 15m. Elevation gained and relinquished: virtually zero. Weather: umbrellas were used as sunshades.

Hike leadership and report by Michael M. Photos thanks to Letlet and Janet