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2018/06/24_Loop hike: Doi Pui summit and THE coffee-shop


In case of heavy rain, a notice of cancellation will be placed here by 06:30 on Sunday morning

If the weather is fair, we will meet at the Arboretum at 07:30 and car pool up to the barrier below Doi Pui summit. Leaving our cars there, we start out on a gentle uphill walk to the summit, take a few photos for the record, and then begin the descent, which has several quite steep sections. The views at this time of year should be spectacular. We have even been able to see Doi Chiang Dao a few times, but no guarantees. The only guarantee is that the tricky trail will provide some fun. Since it is rainy season there is always the possibility of leeches at high elevation. When we arrive at the bottom of the steep section we will head for THE coffee shop (at the CMU agriculture research garden) for refreshment, and then return to the cars, following the road and a side trail. We then have the option of lunch and further refreshments at the temple parking area.

Total time approximately 5 hours, or more if we linger over coffee and lunch.

Bring sturdy shoes, hiking poles if you use them, about 2 liters water, snacks, energy, enthusiasm, and a sense of humor.

Hike leader: Janet

Meeting time and place: 07:30 at the Arboretum carpark on Huay Gaew Road. See maps below.



2018/06/17_Hike Report_Doi Lang Loop

Dung beetle displays the ball it has rolled up. Photo by Jenny

In spite of the ominous weather forecast five hardy walkers (and one hike leader) turned up for this mountain hike. The signs did not look good as a light drizzle of rain accompanied us on the journey out to the reservoir. As it turned out, however, this was the only rain of the day, with the cooler weather providing ideal hiking conditions. With a small group we made good progress and reached the summit in just under two hours (the rope assisted assent near the summit providing a number of excitable observations). Surprisingly the overcast weather still allowed for good views from the summit (912 metres) but unfortunately no soaring birdlife in evidence (last time two hawks circled a peak below us).

On the descent one hiker had a minor fall as he collided with an unseen rock and the hike leader (not paying attention) walked into an overhanging bee nest and was stung several times for his troubles. We completed the hike in four hours and forty minutes and then stopped at a small shop/restaurant on the way back for well-earned refreshment.


Two weeks ago our planned hike in Nam Mae Kwong was deflected at the last moment by an unexpected pig hunt. We’ll probably try again this Sunday (subject to field research by Mr S on Friday).

18/06/03_Report_Nam Mae Kwong transposed to Goldilocks

Photo by Jenny

This was the hike that was not. When our group of seventeen hikers arrived at the start point at Nam Mae Kwong we were informed by the woman on the gate that the private owner of the old national park estate, through which we had to travel to begin our hike, had closed the estate and surrounding area for the day as he, and presumably assorted friends, were having a pig hunt. Luckily Peter had the GPS record for the nearby Goldilocks ridge, which became our alternative hike as we marched up, along and back down the ridge in just over four hours, covering a distance of 9kms. Highlight of the hike was the presence of a Golden Tree snake (aka flying snake) on the hiking trial. As these are normally arboreal it was unusual to see it on the forest floor. However, said snake had just caught a lizard and was in the process of enjoying a lizard brunch. However, perturbed by the farang paparazzi, he moved off to a quieter location before he had fully digested his meal. After the hike we stopped at the “Treehouse” restaurant for food and refreshment on the way back to Chiang Mai.

Hike initiation and report by Stephen


18/05/27_Hike report_Porcupine Falls Loop


Red line is route taken by the faster group. The slower group cut across in the middle.

A few dryer days following heavy midweek rains had allowed the Doi Suthep forest paths to become fairly firm, but the air remained humid. 18 people (and Tippy, a handsome small dog) assembled at the “Scout Camp” access point. We separated into two groups at an early stage.

The slower group (nine humans and Tippy) did 8.5km in about 3 hrs 30 mins. Emotional highlight was when Tippy excitedly started playing on the Porcupine Falls crossing, from where dogs have slidden down to difficult spots in the past. Note: the fabled Porcupine Falls were so named by MikeHike after encountering two porcupines there about ten years ago. Anyone else ever seen porcupines on the mountain?

The faster group did 11.3kms in about 4hrs 10 mins. In this group, thanks go to Mr L who bought litchees from the farmers in the high orchards and treated the group. Tasty. Kudos also to Jenny for this stunning photo, taken along the way: “iridescent, entomological ecstasy”.


Photo by Jenny


Most members of both groups enjoyed post-hike refreshments at Nong Flook 2, where the food service was amongst the quickest we have ever received, but Tippy was neither admitted nor given a convenient place to wait outside.

Hike leaders: MikeHike and PeterHike



18/05/27 Porcupine Falls Loop

0640: the hike is ON

As the rainy season is upon us check the site on Sunday morning.  Any updates will be made before 0645  

No porcupines at the falls

This Sunday’s hike is an easy, low level, one of about 8.5km with a total ascent of about 350mtrs.  For those who want a bit more of a challenge it may be possible to split into 2 groups and do an extra 3km and 200mtrs but we can decide that on the day.

The hike starts at the Scout Camp and, generally, ascends about 150mtrs over a distance of 2.5kms on fairly open trails up to the infamous Porcupine Waterfall (not very strong at the moment).  From here its a steady climb (200mtrs in 2km) through the forest and into an agricultural area.  Next is a bit of contouring to get on to a ridge where we start the descent which is gradual at first but does become steeper, rockier and a bit more exposed.  There is also the possibility to visit another waterfall on the way down if so desired.  The final kilometer or so back to the start point is through woodland and not steep.

If you want to join

If you are sure this hike is for you, after reading our “dangers”, “what to bring” and “what to do” tabs, just turn up at the meeting place on the day; there is no need to let us know you are coming. No groups please.
Meeting Place
We will meet at 0750 for a 0800 start where Huay Chang Khian meets Soi Chang Khian, just before the scout camp at the end of the soi. Approx <18°49’25.24″ N 98°56’55.24″ E>
Head out from the moat NW towards Doi Suthep on Huay Kaew Rd.
Turn right onto the Irrigation Canal Rd opposite the Phucome Hotel.
Take the second soi, at the next traffic lights just before the old Fine Thanks restaurant, then bear left at the Y-junction and again right at the T-junction onto Soi Chang Khian.
Continue along the main soi, bearing left at the mini roundabout, for 2kms, almost to the end of the soi. (Follow signs to Neo cafe and then continue past the cafe.)

Please bring :
at least 2 litres of water, and energy snacks
strong footwear with thick tread/good grip, hat, and sunblock
trekking pole or stick recommended for the steep descent
long sleeves/pants recommended for long grass and spiky/itchy undergrowth
plenty of energy, enthusiasm and good humour



18/05/20_Trip Report_Doi Inthanon Ridge

The first Fatal Flaw in our meticulous planning was to have 2 meeting points. Of course, all the car drivers went to one meeting point and all non-car drivers looking for a lift went to the other meeting point!!!

After a couple of frantic phone calls, everybody ended up at the same departure point and 8 hikers set off in two cars for the start point, arriving at the trailhead around 09:00 where another lost soul had arrived by motor bike and was waiting very patiently.


Everybody was fit and eager and it was great to catch up with a couple of faces from the past.

A few clouds appeared on the horizon but did not spoil the views. Also, they did keep the sun at bay which made the temperature very comfortable for walking. Look at the vista in the photo below, towards the East!

Having reached the top of the ridge and our final destination, the Stupa, the views were rather contrasting with the view to the East as above and the view to the West as below.

This is better illustrated by the photo below of one hiker having lunch, turning his back to the East and enjoying the views to the West!!!


One intrepid explorer returning to the fold, not content with seeing the Stupa from the top of the ridge decided that the views would be better from underneath the drop off. (That is a lot steeper than it looks in the photograph.)

The length of hike from the starting point to the ridge top was around 5.5 km and was done in 2.5 hours but then having switched off the GPS for our lunch stop, forgot to switch the unit back on, but estimate the length of the hike to be around 11 km. The starting time was just a few minutes past 09:00 and we got back to the cars at 14:00.

Well-deserved refreshments were enjoyed at the new Zip wire establishment adjacent to Wat Wimut Tikaram where there are a number of shops selling the usual refreshments, very gooood coffee and excellent ablutions facilities.

Hike initiation and reporting by J&J